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Jugs Jugueta It’s Showtime Reax

From officiating various challenges and pranks and interviewing some of our favorite Kapamilya stars in the previous episodes of Showtime All-Access, host Jugs Jugueta responded to some of the questions sent in by the madlang netizens via social media and reacted to one of his birthday performances on It’s Showtime in the “Showtime Reax” segment.

In the first part, he answered the questions from the madlang netizens with regards to his career and personal life. The initial question he received had him choose between hosting or music, to which he retorted “music” since he’s been into it ever since he was two or three years old and he’s a self-confessed “mahiyaing tao” and “hindi naman masyadong madaldal,” but a “naturally good questioner.” With regards to trying out acting, he disclosed that he can’t do it, yet he would rather act than dance as he finds it hard to learn steps.

A fan of his band Itchyworms also tweeted using the hashtag #AskJugs to ask a witty question about the lyrics of their greatest hit “Beer”, which he cleverly answered.

As one of the madlang netizens quizzed him about how many children he and his beloved wife Andie want to have, he simply said that they are now taking good care of their three dogs (as the other one died recently). He also disclosed that they’ve been happily married for six years already.

And speaking of his wife, Jugs related that he composed a lot of songs dedicated to her, but his top favorite is the LSS-inducing song “Ayokong Tumanda (Kung Hindi Ka Kasama)”. They had it engraved on their wedding rings since they consider it as their theme song.

When it comes to going on a diet, he confessed that he indeed made efforts to lose weight, although he gained a bit again. But he’s good and said that he does it for health purposes and not to get slim.

Being a songwriter-musician, a fan of the Vice-Ion couple asked him if he’s going to have the opportunity to write a song for his It’s Showtime co-hosts Vice Ganda and Ion Perez, it would be a ballad ala-Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” and would be titled, “Mamahalin Kita Habambuhay”.

Lastly, if there’s a song that best describes the current situation of the Philippines, he shared that it would be Itchyworms’ “Sisikat Muli Ang Araw,” which talks about being hopeful and optimistic to see the sun rise again for everyone who is at the lowest point of their lives.

In the second part of “Showtime Reax”, Teddy reacted to the clip of his birthday celebration on It’s Showtime, wherein his idol OPM icon Ely Buendia arrived late on their song number and “surprised” him instead by showing up on the latter part of the performance.

When asked regarding his friendship with Ely, he revealed that he’s been a fan of him ever since he was still in high school as he used to go to various gigs of The Eraserheads. He said, “Super fan ako ng ‘Heads, sobrang memoryado ko ‘yong mga kanta nila. Ininspire nila ako to write my own songs”, and went to impart the unforgettable advice Ely told him.

He then received a sweet surprise, which was a heartwarming yet funny message from his co-host and close friend Teddy Corpuz. They also divulged a lot of things about one another that we probably don’t know yet and we truly found amusing.

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