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Jugs Jugueta challenges KarJon in Showtime All-Access’ Game Na Game Na

From being allies in It’s Showtime’s Madlang Pi-Poll, Pinoy Big Brother Otso alumni and Hoy Love You Two stars Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza became opponents in the “Game Na Game Na” segment in the latest episode of Showtime All-Access.

The episode started off with host Jugs Jugueta having a short catch-up with the loveteam by quizzing them about what keeps them busy nowadays, to which they responded by promoting their current project and encouraging everyone to register to vote for the 2022 elections. They also recounted how their friendship and team-up was born during their PBB days.

They then moved on to the game proper, with Jugs having them play the first round tagged “Hitanong Mo”, wherein they had to answer random questions correctly and whoever failed to supply a right response would be hit by a plastic hammer on the head and had to do a “FUNishment”.

Since Aljon lost in their bato-bato-pik, he was the one to take the first turn in naming their fellow PBB Otso alumni that was described by the monikers mentioned by Jugs. Karina was able to hit him twice after he forgot who was the “Rampa Sister of Mandaluyong City” and the “Kulitisoy of Davao” and had to do “face dance” as “FUNishment”.

For the second round, he was able to strike back at her after being able to fluently deliver the greatest number of each of the three classic Filipino tongue twisters given by Jugs in the “Tongue Twister” challenge. He got 18 points, while Karina only had 5, so she also had to do the “face dance”.

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