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It’s Showtime Dressing Room Fast Tour

Jhong Hilario is back with another YouTube video! This time, he is taking his “mga ka-tumbling” behind-the-scenes of It’s Showtime with a fast tour of the hosts’ dressing rooms. “Mabilis lang ‘to,” he promised.

Before anything else, the Sample King first had to undergo his daily COVID-19 swab test upon his arrival at ABS-CBN. Of course, he cracked a few jokes with the nurse practitioner administering the test. Later on, while waiting for the results, he bumped into Sexy Babe judge Chie Filomeno. She was the first guest in this extremely quick tour.

With a negative test result in hand, Jhong’s first stops were the dressing rooms of Karylle and Jackie Gonzaga. “What’s up?” were the last words of Karylle before he left. On the other hand, All Jackie could say was “Hi, vlog!” Laughing at his style of touring, he reminded viewers, “Sabi sa inyo, mabilis lang. Mabilis lang ‘to.”

Next up were the Sunday golf buddies, Ogie Alcasid and Ryan Bang. As Jhong swiftly said “bye” to the two, Ogie can be seen following behind him. The OPM icon jokingly started recording as well for his own YouTube video. The madlang people will surely be looking forward to that video.

Jhong also opened the doors to Kim Chiu who was getting ready with her team and Teddy Corpuz who was eating by himself. “Ganoon lang kabilis kasi pangit masyadong mahaba vlog. So, kailangan mabilisan lang,” Jhong explained as he looked for his next guest, It’s Showtime dancers Neri and Grace. They were followed by Tyang Amy who got to promote her YouTube channel. He then passed by Jugs Jugueta who was sitting with direk Jon Moll.

Eventually, it was time for Jhong to head back to his own dressing room which he shares with Vhong Navarro. His fellow Streetboys member had a chill reaction to the fast tour. Right before the cameras started rolling, Vice Ganda made an appearance backstage. The Unkabogable Star’s reaction made everyone in the hallway burst out laughing. “Ang cute naman ng mabilis, Kuya Jhong” Ion Perez laughed as the last guest.

Jhong knows exactly how to add his own a twist to common topics like set tours. 

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