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Taking a break from the action inside the newsroom and in their coverages, seasoned ABS-CBN newsmen Jeff Canoy, Johnson Manabat, and Migs Bustos exhibited their witty and funny sides as they played in It’s Showtime’s “Madlang Pi-Poll”.

They further amused us and allowed us to know them better when they graced a recent episode of Showtime All-Access, wherein they willingly talked about their personal lives and their careers as newsmen.

Host Ana Ramsey commenced the interview with a short kumustahan, wherein they gave us a glimpse of their job. Johnson debunked the notion “hindi natutulog ang balita” by joking that they’re still able to sleep even though their job seems to require them to be on-call 24/7.

Jeff, on the other hand, compared journalists to priests when it comes to being passionate with their commitment in serving the public even beyond their working hours. Migs, meanwhile, likened themselves to “pirates” who are always in search of “treasure,” which in journalism is equivalent to interesting news and feature stories.

During their day-offs, the three newsmen revealed that they usually spend it with their loved-ones. Both Johnson and Migs allot those days to have quality time with their respective families, while Jeff bonds with his pamangkins.

When it comes to their most unforgettable experiences at work, Johnson revealed that it was during his coverage of Typhoon Yolanda and of current pre-election events. For Jeff, it was when he was assigned to be the correspondent in the Marawi Siege in 2017, while it was covering the visits of global sport superstars Lebron James, Steph Curry, and David Beckham in the Philippines, as well as going to work everyday for Migs.

Ana then challenged them to an on-the-spot phone gallery raid, wherein they had to show two of their favorite photos or videos from their respective phone galleries and share a little story or trivia about each.

First off was Johnson, who shared two photos of his beloved family in which they’re seen dining out for the first time two years after the pandemic and attending his firstborn’s virtual graduation. Jeff was next, who showed a clip of him attending a BTS concert in Thailand with his friends prior to the pandemic and a photo he took in one of his coverages. Lastly, Migs also imparted a groufie he took with his wife and daughter, then with his bestfriends, which was taken before he got married.

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