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Janice, Ruffa share backstories behind fave photos in Showtime All-Access’ “Set Kulit”

After her fun and insightful chikahan with Reina ng Tahanan “choose-gados” Ruffa Gutierrez and Janice de Belen in the first part of the Set Kulit segment of Showtime All-Access, this week’s host Ana Ramsey went on to challenge them in a “Gallery Raid” in this episode!

In this challenge, they were tasked to show three photos from their gallery and disclose the backstories behind those. Ruffa started off first by displaying a portrait of her with her best friends and shocked us with her revelation.

From a controversial snap, Janice, on the other hand, warmed our hearts with an adorable groufie with her beloved grandchildren, who she only gets to see and bond with every Sunday. Ruffa then shared a cute selfie she has with her beloved pet dog Nala, which has been her constant companion this pandemic. Janice also showed a video of one of her furbabies while eating cake during her birthday celebration at home recently.

And speaking of birthday, the La Vida Lena actress displayed a photo she took with her youngest child Yuan, to whom she shares the occasion as she chose to give birth to him on her birthday. However, she revealed that she kind of regrets it since the spotlight is always on her as they celebrate their birthday every year.

Lastly, Ruffa showed a photo of her and Janice that was apparently snapped during their “choose-gado” days for “Reina ng Tahanan”. The Love Thy Woman actress expressed how grateful she is to have known her in a deeper level as she has not only found a new friend in her, but a sister she never had since all her siblings are boys. Besides, Janice also went on to became her stopper every time she tends to overshare.

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