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It’s Showtime Toplist: Vice Ganda gives heartfelt, relatable real talk about love

Love must be one of the most complicated things to understand in this world. Other than it can come in different forms, there are no definite rules or meaning to it. We’ll have to make do with our own understanding of love or learn from experience.

Sometimes, it is also good to hear advice from other people who have come to understand and encountered the inner workings of love themselves. This is exactly what we get from Vice Ganda when he would give honest and relatable advice while hosting on It’s Showtime, so much so that we can pick out a handful of his best moments talking about love on the show.

Here is a special feature of the most ‘unkabogable’ love real talks from the Unkabogable Star himself!

“Masarap sa pakiramdam ‘yung hahanapin niya ako.”

Being in a relationship means that there is a special bond between two people and to keep that strong they would spend a lot of time together. Of course, we can’t always be with the person we love 24/7 so we have to build trust and not put pressure on one another to always be together.

Vice commends how this can lessen the stress in a relationship, but tells us, personally, he doesn’t want a partner to be complacent with the absence of one another. At one point, one has to exert the effort to see the other person because then the feeling of being needed and loved is still alive. Although this may be difficult especially with long-distance relationships, he knows that it will show how strong a couple is when they survive it. 

“Kailangan mapag-aralan n’yo ‘yung isa’t isa kasi kailangan n’yong mag adjust.”

Arguments and disagreements are natural in a relationship, but they have to be resolved. Although people will have different methods of solving problems, Vice says that when you finally talk with your partner, it is important that you understand him/her as a person so you know how to solve the problem with them as calmly as possible. If you know how the other person would react to a confrontation, you would instantly know how to adjust and avoid further problems from arising.

“Dapat malinaw ‘yun.. na wala na talaga tayo.”

A lot of people may be able to relate to not having proper closure after an end of the relationship. Because of a deep rift or a wrenching heartbreak, it’s sometimes hard to talk things through with the person you broke up with.

Regardless, Vice reinforces that it should be 100% clear to both parties that a relationship is over. And when that is laid out, they have to make sure their actions say so because, if not, both will end up hurting each other again.

“Lahat na-experience ko ‘yan, jowa without label, jowa without posting, jowa without time, jowa without feelings.”

A relationship is not always rainbows and butterflies. Vice expresses exactly how confusing a relationship can be such as when there is no exact label between a couple or when there is a label but the spark isn’t there anymore.

As he himself experiences those already, it lets us know that other people go through it too. He assures us that, eventually, we will get it right and find that special someone someday.

“Kasama ‘yung hapdi sa paggaling.”

There will be times that love will hurt and to get past it, you need to heal. Healing, however, also hurts. Vice explains how an actual wound doesn’t heal by just slapping a bandage on, you have to let it heal by applying medicine even if it would sting.

For love, it’s the same. You have to feel the hurt you experienced and separate yourself from what caused that hurt in the first place. Go home to the place where you can mend your broken heart with safety and comfort.

“Hayaan n’yo lang ‘yung panahon na lumipas, mayroon magpapanunbalik sa pag-asa mo.”

After losing a “great love”, we tend to lose faith and compare it to every “new love” that comes along. This hinders us to open up again to loving someone else fully, but the time that we spend in that moment isn’t a waste. Vice tells us that when a person finally surprises you with the love they have and makes you see how it is equal or greater to the love you once had, that means that it may just be your ultimate love.

“Hindi na ko magpapaubaya.”

With love comes sacrifices in many different ways. But you can’t always give everything away and leave nothing for yourself. Vice recognizes how he had his fair share of sacrifices, but after being the one to do it so many times, he realized that he deserves to be given the same. He lets us know that you need to be selfish sometimes and let yourself be the one who is loved. 

“Ang sarap marinig noon na may taong gusto makasama ka nang matagal.”

Nothing is certain in life so in love, nothing is sure as well. So when we hear from someone how they want to be with you for a long time, it can make our heart swell because they are sure about you despite the uncertainty. Vice can attest how life- changing such a feeling can be. It can make you value your life and your partner more because you look forward to life with them a lot more.

Lots of us idolize Vice Ganda’s natural talent to make us laugh, but this Toplist feature shows us that he has so much more to offer. When it comes to serious moments about love, we can’t help but admire how spot-on he is with his advice and stories about it.