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Ion Perez shares 3 memorable snaps during US trip in Showtime All-Access’ “Set Bwiset”

Fresh from his trip to the United States with It’s Showtime host and his real-life sweetheart Vice Ganda, who staged his first-ever major concert with physical attendance ever since the start of the pandemic, “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez enthusiastically recalled their memorable experiences together there during his appearance in this episode of Showtime All-Access.

Our gregarious host Jackie Gonzaga commenced the “Set Buwiset” segment by asking how he has been nowadays, to which he divulged that he’s absolutely happy as he wakes up everyday with the presence of God in his life and next to the person that he truly loves. He also went on share his daily routine, which usually starts by waking up early in the morning, working out via treadmill or bike around their place, and taking a nap before heading to It’s Showtime studio.

When asked how the two-night show of the Unkabogable Star went, he impliedly expressed how overwhelming it was that his fans truly anticipated his return on the concert stage and that he’s able to bring joy and good vibes to them amidst the beleaguering pandemic. Besides, they were also able to go to different places during their free time.

With regards to the lessons he learned through his relationship with Vice, Ion related that it could be how unpredictable and inexplicable love is as they never expected to fall in love with each other and he couldn’t explain why he’s in love with him.

Jackie wrapped up the interview by asking him to share at least three photos from his phone gallery that are a special for him. He first showed the photo of him and Vice while going on a stroll at Times Square, New York City, then one of their jumpshots while on their way to Las Vegas from Los Angeles. Last was his visit to a motorcycle parts and accessories store during their US trip.

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