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Hilarious kulitan moments of Vice Ganda, Karla Estrada on It’s Showtime

Having strong and lasting friendships is definitely among the greatest things that could ever happen to a person. Just like what happened to Vice Ganda and Karla Estrada who have been great friends for a very long time and one of each other’s sources of happiness and strength through the years. And we’re able to witness their admirable friendship in their hilarious banters on It’s Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan.

Avid followers of the two celebrities know that they’ve been besties for so many years now, even before both of them rose to immense stardom. According to them, they first met when Karla would frequently visit the comedy bar where Vice used to work. And now, they’re given the opportunity to work together in the noontime program.

It may be impossible for the madlang people to see them together on the studio now because of the beleaguering COVID-19 pandemic, but there’s absolutely no stopping them from poking fun at one another and delivering laughter to all of us. Let’s look back on some of their funny moments in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist.

There’s an oft-quoted adage that says “birds of the same feathers, flock together”. And it’s apparently true for the both of them since we all know that they possess the same humor. In one of the episodes, Karla interrupted Vice and Kim Chiu’s interview with TNT contestant by holding a piece of paper with “Vice Saan Ang Sabong?” written on it, pertaining to the Unkabogable Star’s new hairdo that resembled a cock’s comb. He clapped back by saying, “So, Karla, saan ang fiesta?” because of the colorful blouse she was wearing then.

But their asaran didn’t simply end there as Vice went on to tease the Queen of Mother of eating too much chicken skin, which resulted to her voluptuous figure. This was after Kim imparted that while breast is the healthiest part of a chicken’s body, its skin causes extra fats to form in the underarm area so she’s not really fond of it. Coincidentally, she was munching chicken skin that time. Karla had the chance to retaliate on her friend’s pun as she quipped that Vice seemingly ate a lot of grilled chicken skin, which was probably the reason why he has dark armpits.

Since they’ve been besties for years now, it’s not surprising anymore if they know each other all too well, including their secrets. As Kim and Vhong Navarro noticed that Karla was obviously in a different spot, Vice jestingly disclosed that there’s actually food and table in almost every corner of her house. Just in case the audiences would want to see proofs, he invited us to watch his latest vlog then that featured his surprise raid at her abode.

Aside from snacks and tables, Karla is a proud fan of cartoons, too! In fact, she has the tea kettle and teacup set from the animated film “Beauty and The Beast” that she showed everyone after Vice compared her to one of its characters – the talking teacup. As she mentioned that she’s actually fonder of Cinderella, he jokingly compared her to the pumpkin that was turned into a coach by the character’s fairy godmother.

While they appear to be already used to one another’s personality and antics, there are still instances when the besties couldn’t seem to stand the other. As they introduced the hurados in one of the episodes, they noticed Karla’s flushed face that made Vice comment that she perhaps underwent extreme heat. However, she seemed to cannot handle their incessant mockeries anymore as she jokingly turned off her camera. She returned a few moments after and continued chatting with the hosts and her fellow judges.

But their asaran isn’t only limited to the moments when they are together on-screen. Even though the Queen Mother was not part of the panel of judges in an episode, the Phenomenal Box Office Star couldn’t help himself from poking fun at the Queen Mother as she mentioned her in one of his punchlines. Well, that’s probably because he missed her so much.

In a world that forever is already rare, Vice Ganda and Karla’s admirable and unbreakable friendship is certainly one of them!

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