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Delightful moments when Vice Ganda, Kim Chiu celebrate their growing friendship on It’s Showtime

The afternoon kulitan on It’s Showtime just gets better and better. The laughter has even levelled up now that multitalented Chinita Princess Kim Chiu is part of the regular set of hosts on the variety show.

It’s only been over a year since Kim has joined It’s Showtime, but it doesn’t feel like she’s a new member of the family. It’s obvious that she instantly clicked with them, most especially Vice Ganda.

Let’s look back at those delightful moments Vice and Kim celebrated their growing friendship in this Showtime Toplist.

Their closeness all started with Vice’s fun jabs at Kim about her chinita looks or Bisaya speaking. Kim, of course, loves to ride on Vice’s jokes. One time, as a contestant on the show shared her trials of love, Kim rendered a soulful song for her. As she was filled with emotion, Vice joked that she must be going through something. Kim gladly played along and a fun banter between them continued which made everyone laugh.

From time to time, hints of Kim’s controversial past love life would come up. But Kim doesn’t let these pass because she has antics of her own. When an opportunity arises, she comes back with hilarious jokes aimed at Vice.

While Vice and Kim are known for their quippy throws at each other, they’re also famous for regularly talking about serious topics on love and life. Vice sometimes asks Kim about her own experiences in her relationship with Xian Lim, which also translate into lessons they share with viewers on the show. At times, Vice would admire Kim not only for her skill in hosting, but also the important tips she imparts on the show. When Kim shared the saying “Experience is the hardest teacher. Kasi nga, it will give you the test first before the lesson,” it made a mark on Vice and the rest of the It’s Showtime family.

No episode goes by where the Vice and Kim don’t crack a joke together or exchange a heart-to-heart banter. Their friendship is one that we know will grow stronger through the years.