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Darren Espanto reveals stories behind endearing personal photos on “ShowtimeReax”

Asia’s Pop Heartthrob Darren Espanto shares stories behind his endearing personal photos in “Showtime Reax” on Showtime All-Access hosted by Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga.

In this episode, Darren was presented with some photos he had shared in his social media accounts, and Jackie quizzed him about what went on or what he felt when those snaps were taken.

The first photo was a breathtaking picture of Darren and his family with a picturesque sunset in the background. The ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay said this family portrait was taken by a cousin, who is a professional photographer, while he retreated to Canada for a year during the pandemic.

Another photo was shown, this time showing Darren triumphantly brandishing a diploma. Darren said the photo was taken after graduating high school in Canada. He said he hasn’t enrolled yet in college, but plans to pursue a degree in the Philippines, and is considering a Business Management course. That he said would be more convenient for him as he continues his successful singing career. 

Then the last photo displayed was Darren wearing an apparent outfit of royalty while singing. Darren said this was when he performed during nationwide “The Aces” concert with fellow ace singers Lani Misalucha and Jona. He said he appeared that way because costumes for the concert were intended to be grand and over-the-top.

Watch Darren as he reveals more about his personal photos in Showtime Reax on Showtime All-Access in this video.