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Toplist: Witty jokes in Expecially For You

The It’s Showtime family may have different personalities and brands of comedy, yet all of them share the same noble goal – to fulfill their mission of making the madlang people happy. And even though not everyone in the fambam is really comedians, each one of them is able to showcase their unique and innate comedic talents, not to mention their quick-wittedness – that apparently gets us “sold.”

While we usually see them take on various shenanigans onstage or banter with one another in the past 15 years, the Kapamilya hosts have found another way to entertain the audiences. And that is by exchanging witty knock-knock jokes during the “Expecially For You” segment, in which things tend to get serious and sad as ex-couples (a.k.a. “searchers”) share their love and break-up stories.

In this edition of Kapamilya Toplist, let’s look back on nine (9) of the wackiest moments of the hosts as they “confidently” deliver their “knock-knock” jokes that are often based on the names of the participants.

Let’s begin with that episode wherein Jhong Hilario used the name of searcher “Mariyah” for his pick-up line. Of course, his co-hosts Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, and Anne Curtis didn’t let that simply pass without dropping their respective entries, as well as Ogie Alcasid who was then watching them at the sideline. In that same episode, they also got inspired by one of the “searchees” named Clark, with Jhong and Anne unleashing their daddy and mommy jokes.

Aside from serenading everyone with one of his band’s songs and sharing his own heartbreak story, Carl Guevarra, the frontman of OPM band The Juans also had a contribution as the hosts played around his first name.

In another episode, everyone seemed to get stuck at the moment when the Unkabogable Star was about to deliver his “knock-knock” using the name of searcher “Jet.” Perhaps realizing that it might inflict other interpretations based on the reactions of his co-hosts and the madlang people, he apparently thought of another way of delivering his joke.

Jhong once again succeeded in selling his joke when he said that “Giedel” is actually the surname of one of the searchees and her first name is really “Pri”. Vice figured out that he was referring to “pridyider,” which is the Filipino colloquial term for “refrigerator,” much to the amusement of their co-hosts.

Because of searchee Vince, we were able to confirm that the It’s Showtime fam is also divided into two when it comes to their kind of humor – “kanal,” which is easy to comprehend, and “aircon,” which requires to be explained first. It was Vice who tagged Jhong as the one having the ‘kanal humor’ because of his “Baguio Vince” joke, while Anne as the one having the ‘aircon humor’ because of her “Vince there, done that” joke. But she was able to redeem herself when she quipped that there is perhaps nobody sitting in Tayuman, where searchee Vince resides.

After poking fun at searcher Rhenel’s name, Vice and Jhong taught one of the searchees wittier pick-up lines that could not only win the heart of female searcher Crystelle, but make her laugh as well. They were able to come up with several and all of them left us LOLing (or laughing out loud).

But it isn’t only their witty “knock-knock” or one-liner jokes that make us droll, but Ogie’s quirky pick-up lines, too, as they brought back to life one of his iconic TV characters, “Boy Pick-up.”

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