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Kapamilya Chat Cianne Bibitaw o Lalaban

We've been treated to countless heart-fluttering tales and heart-wrenching break-up stories from former couples who bravely share their past relationships on national TV, courtesy of “It's Showtime's” popular segment "Expecially For You."

And much like us viewers, even the show's hosts glean fresh insights and lessons about love from the participants' stories. Cianne Dominguez likely picked up a thing or two about relationships from the segment, so we reached out to her to share some profound perspectives on matters of the heart through Kapamilya Chat's "Bibitaw o Lalaban" Challenge.

Here, she'll go through a series of relationship scenarios, deciding whether they're worth fighting for or if it's time to let go.

First off, if she doesn't see any positive change in the person she loves, she believes it's a signal to release them. “Kasi kung sa tingin mo nabigay mo na lahat, nabuhos mo na, lahat ginawa mo na para i-help din siya, pero kung wala talaga siyang improvement sa sarili niya, bitaw na kasi pati ikaw masa-stuck ka lang din kung nasaan siya,” she explained. It's healthier to move on and allow yourself to grow, acknowledging that perhaps the other person is meant to also grow alongside someone else.

Cianne firmly believes in second chances, stating, “Lahat deserve ng second chances kasi lahat tayo nagbabago.” However, she clarifies, “Pero, siguro, ang tao magbabago, kung hindi man sa’yo pero sa ibang tao.”

For the “Traffic” singer, lack of time isn't a valid excuse to give up, “Napag-uusapan ‘yun.” She acknowledges that sometimes couples are just busy with their individual pursuits. However, if a partner tries to control her actions, she asserts she would let go because no one has the right to dictate her life, “Lalo na kung career na, hindi talaga. Mas priority ko ang growth.”

She was in limbo when confronted with the situation of loving someone who isn't good for her anymore. She believes it's a matter of individual circumstances, but regardless, she emphasizes that prayers can provide clarity to a confused heart and mind.

What she considers the ultimate deal breaker, though, is when a partner cheats, “Do’n na ako magkakaroon ng doubt talaga na magiging okay pa, kasi magkakaroon ng lamat, eh.” When asked her opinion on why cheaters cheat, Cianne thought it stems from insecurity within oneself, “May part sa sarili mo na hindi mo nafu-fulfil, na parang hindi ka secure kaya hinahanap mo ‘to sa iba’t ibang tao o partners.”

Personally, when her recent ex-boyfriend left her and she didn't yet know the reason, there was a time when Cianne questioned herself. It shattered her self-esteem, which is why her advice to those who have been cheated on is, “Huwag n’yong sisihin ang sarili n’yo.”