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KChat Cianne It’s Showtime Bukingan

As a former "Sexy Babe" contestant who's now a host on "It's Showtime," Cianne Dominguez has found a new family. She relishes the bond with her co-hosts and enjoys discovering new things about them every day on the show.

And in this episode of Kapamilya Chat, she giddily spilled the beans on what the "It's Showtime" family members are really like behind the scenes through the "Bukingan Challenge." All she had to do was name the "It’s Showtime" host who perfectly matched the given description.

For her first revelation, she spilled that MC is the ‘most antukin’ or sleepiest, which is why they often invite him to eat out to shake off his ‘antok’ or drowsiness. 

She then confessed to being the quietest, saying, "Kasi mahiyain ako ‘pag kasama ko sila. Parang ang hirap maki-join, parang nahihiya ako mag-joke kasi baka waley.”

Despite her sexy figure, Cianne would definitely label herself as the “It's Showtime” host with the biggest appetite, as she's a big fan of snacks and never shies away from trying all kinds of food (“EXpecially For You” viewers might've caught onto this!). Surprisingly, she doesn't follow a strict diet, and her only exercise routine involves brisk walks and the ‘ngarag’ moments in the studio. However, recently, she and Jackie Gonzaga have been getting into running at least once a week.

It appears that Jackie is her closest "It's Showtime" co-host, which is why she dubbed her as the most dramatic “pagdating sa chika, mga kwento ng emosyon.” Naturally, she also singled out Jackie as the one with the most backstage gossip, saying, “Kasi kaming dalawa rin ‘yung magkasama sa dressing room... Hindi kami nauubusan ng chika.”

Of course, Vice Ganda is known for being one of the most generous, and the same goes for Anne Curtis, Ogie Alcasid, and Darren Espanto. According to Cianne, Darren is a real "giver" and “mahilig manlibre” or loves treating others, something viewers might have observed as well. 

Lassy has his unique way of showing generosity too, often by cooking food for everyone. That's why Cianne also chose him as the one who frequently hops between dressing rooms asking his co-hosts to try the food he prepared. “Lagi siyang pumupunta sa mga dressing rooms, ‘Tikman n’yo ‘to. Masarap ‘to.’ Tapos sa EXpecially For you, dahil madalas chichirya ang food namin do’n, para healthy kami, gagawa siya ng sandwich, o kaya magluluto ng spaghetti, ganyan.” 

While everyone has their own punchlines, Vice Ganda still reigns as the biggest 'joker' among them. As Cianne puts it, “’Yung akala mo serious tapos biglang magjo-joke, ‘yung parang paluha ka na tapos bigla siyang magjo-joke.”