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Melai Set Buwisit Showtime All-Access

Madlang people were treated to a fun, entertaining and engaging conversation between Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga and her guest on “Set Buwisit,” momshie Melai Cantiveros, in this episode of Showtime All-Access.

Melai is among the Choosegados on It’s Showtime’s “Reina ng Tahanan” competition, together with Janice de Belen and Ruffa Gutierrez, apart from being a regular host on Magandang Buhay.

In the interview, Melai said she is very thankful for being part of Kapamilya shows regularly, even during difficult times. She also revealed rather amusingly how she juggles time between her projects on the Kapamilya network, and being a devoted wife and mother in the Francisco family.

Melai also said she was thrilled to learn that she was going to be a part of the “Reina ng Tahanan” segment as a Choosegado, as she revealed her unforgettable portions of the competition. She also said she is honored to be in the same panel with such respected personalities as Janice and Ruffa.

She also said that her fervent wish for Christmas is that COVID-19 pandemic would taper off, and people won’t get contracted by the disease as more of them get vaccinated against the virus.

Melai then took on the popular “Fast Talk” challenge, wherein she was asked what she would choose between “bundok o dagat,” “lugaw o sopas,” “Mindoro o Gensan,” “isda o baboy,” “Pasko o Bagong Taon,” “hosting o singing,” “bukas o kahapon” and “sinturon o hanger.”  She then answered such questions as, “paboritong kulay ngayon”, “favorite Showtime host,” and “tatlong katangian ng susunod na Presidente ng Pilipinas.”

Join the fun by watching Set Buwisit on Showtime All-Access in this video.