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Celebrity impersonators vie for Ms. Q & A crown in Showtime All-Access

After teaming up to defeat the madlang netizens in the “Madlang Pi-poll” segment of It’s Showtime, the celebrity impersonators-turned-players instantly became beauconeras (a portmanteau of “beauty contest” and “contesera”) vie for the Ms Q & A crown in this episode of Showtime All-Access.

Hosted by Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga, the mini pageant immediately commenced with the first round, which was the “Pangmalakasang Intro,” wherein impersonators Popster Bench a.k.a. the “tank build” version of Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo, MC Black a.k.a. Soul Diva Jaya, and Zaragine a.k.a. Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez introduced themselves and exclaimed their kasabihan or motto one-by-one.

Before heading on to the Question and Answer proper, they had a short kumustahan, wherein the impersonators pretended to be the artists they’re portraying when quizzed by the host about their recent ganaps

In the second round, which was the “De-Battle”, the three had to defend the answers assigned to them -- “kinulam” for Popster Bench, “nagpakulam” for MC Black, and “mangkukulam” to Zaragine -- for the question “sino ang pinaka-nagkasala?” They were given 15 seconds each and two chances to explain their responses.

For the third and last round, the “Beklamation”, they were asked the question “Anong eksenang napapanood sa TV ang sana ay nagyayari rin sa totoong buhay?” one-by-one, which they had to answer within 30 seconds.

While all of them delivered impressive responses, Jackie declared as Zaragine the winner, taking home the Ms. Q & A sash and crown.

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