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Bianca Gonzalez reminisces unforgettable PBB experience in Showtime All-Access “Set Kulit”

After playing and winning in It’s Showtime’s “Madlang Pi-Poll” segment alongside her Pinoy Big Brother co-host Enchong Dee, seasoned host Bianca Gonzalez-Intal graced the latest episode of Showtime All-Access, wherein she enthusiastically shared a bit about her personal and career life.

Host Ana Ramsey commenced this episode of “Set Kulit” by expressing how starstruck she really is with Bianca since she’s among the illustrious hosts and television personalities that she looks up to in the local entertainment scene.  

They then had a little kumustahan, wherein Ana asked her how life has been for her nowadays. According to Bianca, she’s been busy juggling working from home as a host for the on-going PBB Kumunity Season 10 and the online show “Kumu-litan”, and in taking good care of her family.

Ana then proceeded on having Bianca talk about her beginnings in showbiz, recalling how she started out as a commercial model prior to landing her first-ever hosting gig via the youth-oriented debate show “Y Speak.” She was eventually scouted to be part of PBB Celebrity Edition 1, wherein she turned out to be one of the Big 4, alongside John Prats, Zanjoe Marudo, and Big Winner Keanna Reeves.

With regards to her most favorite memory as the reality show’s host, she imparted that it would be last year’s Big Night. Because although they’ve already done it a number of times already in the previous years, PBB Connect’s Big Night was really remarkable since it was their first time to hold it with no live audience present due to the restrictions imposed in light of the pandemic.

When asked what tips she would give to aspiring hosts out there, Bianca emphasized how blessed the younger generation are since there are a lot of platforms at present through which they can develop, hone, and showcase their hosting skills. Unlike today, Bianca bared that they had to have TV and events exposure in order for them to be discovered. But the only way to get better in hosting, according to her, is to keep on practicing and doing it over and over again.

Before letting her go, Ana challenged Bianca in an on-the spot phone gallery raid, wherein she had to show a few of her favorite photos or videos from her gallery and share something about it. First was a snap of her husband JC Intal and their firstborn Lucia taken the day before during his birthday celebration, and the second one was the selfie she took that day while she was driving on her way to work, which she also sent to their family group chat.

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