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BGYO takes on the challenges of Ate Girl Jackie in Showtime All-Access

After impressing us with their teamwork as players in a recent episode of It’s Showtime’s “Madlang Pi-Poll,” which made it possible for them to take home a total of Php 65,000, Pinoy pop boyband BGYO eventually became rivals in the latest episode of Showtime All-Access as host Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga pitted them against one another in the “Laro-Laro Pick” segment.

But before proceeding to the game proper, the gregarious emcee introduced the members first – Gelo Rivera, Akira Morishita, Mikki Claver, Nate Porcalla, and JL Toreliza – then asked them to demonstrate how their hand sign is correctly done and where it originated. She went on to congratulate them for winning the Asian Academy Awards for Best Theme Song for “He’s Into Her” and requested them to do a sample of it, to which they enthusiastically heeded to. Since the track talks about the feeling of falling in love, she asked them to describe their ideal girl in one word.

Jackie commended them anew as their other track, “Kulay”, was heard during the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 for its National Costume portion. They once again obliged to her request of singing a bit of it and talk about the meaning behind it.

They then went on to the first mini game, which was “Kanta-translate,” where the host would read the song lyrics of OPM songs translated in English. To take the turn in each item, they had to brandish the BGYO hand sign and yell their name. They were only given five seconds to answer and had to sing a portion of it. Akira emerged as the winner in the end after earning three points, while the rest had to do the consequence that was “face dance”.

For the second mini game “Aalog-alog, Puputok-putok,” the talented quintet had to transfer one marble each in a container by shaking it in inside a wine glass turned upside down. At the same time, there’s a “flour-filled” balloon above their head ready to be popped if one of them fails to do the challenge within the 60 seconds given to them. Only Akira, Nate, and JL were able to accomplish it, while Mikki and Gelo were both showered with confetti instead after they failed to do it.

Before bidding farewell to the ACEs, they encouraged everyone to support them by watching their upcoming joint concert with their sister group “BINI,” titled “One Dream: The Bini x BGYO Concert”, on November 6-7, 2021 via KTX.ph.

New episodes of their documentary “One Dream The Journey” can also be streamed on iWantTFC every Saturday at 10PM and you may also catch their KUMU livestream every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6PM.

This Showtime All-Access episode concluded with BGYO members dancing the choreography that Jackie taught them for their song “Kulay” and showing the music video of their latest single “When I’m With You”.

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