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Ate Girl Jackie tests It’s Showtime fam’s knowledge on Pinoy salawikain

After amusing us with her casual interview with OPM icon and It’s Showtime guest co-host Ogie Alcasid and her fun bonding with celebrity impersonators in the previous episodes of Showtime All-Access, Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga once again took us around the studio to find out who among the hosts, staff, and crew is the most knowledgeable in Filipino salawikain or aphorisms -- yet in a comedic way.

She started off the fun challenge to give us a sample of how it should be done, suffixing “TF” or “talent fee” to “Kapag may tiyaga, may ___” instead of “nilaga.” Ate Girl then proceeded on roaming around to search for the most makata among the It’s Showtime fam.

First was dancer Grace Abina, who made us laugh when she attached “Bukas naman ang zipper mo” in the oft-quoted adage “Aanhin pa ang damo kung ___.” Associate producer Nerika Kristine was next, whose “naagawan ng mine” comment on “Magbiro ka na sa lasing, huwag lang sa ___” surely resonated to a lot of madlang people out there, especially to those who are fond of online shopping or live selling. 

Meanwhile, our very own Korean oppa Ryan Bang kind of had a hard time taking on the challenge as Jackie had to say “Kapag maigsi ang kumot, matutong ___” slowly. But he’s able to make us laugh when he uttered “magyakap,” which made her tease him that it’s definitely because he’s single.

And he apparently enjoyed it as he requested for another one, to which she willingly heeded by giving him “Kapag may tiyaga, may ___.” He got us chuckling anew when he said “stress” as he apparently misheard “tiyaga” (perseverance) to “chaka” (ugly), thus he advised everyone, particularly the moms, to not let themselves go “chaka” by subtly promoting his salon business.

Last was production assistant and researcher Orosa Jacinto, who affixed “nasa garden ni Nanay” in the adage “Ang buhay ay parang gulong, minsan nasa ibabaw, minsan nasa ___”.

In the end it was Grace Abina who Jackie chose as the winner.

Just when we thought that it was already over, Ate Girl proved us wrong because she wasn’t done yet.

In the second part of this episode, she became a prankster in the “It’s A Prank” segment, with their stylist Mac Mendoza and the Reina Ng Tahanan contestants as her victims. She was able to succeed with the help of her team and the impressive acting of segment producer Grace Balderas. 

Watch this video to see the fun and exciting happenings in this episode of Showtime All-Access!

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