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Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga reacts to Madlang People’s tweets on Showtime All-Access

Reading or hearing tweets might not be that enjoyable, especially for celebrities like “Ate Girl” Jackie Gonzaga, who are always under the scrutiny of the public. But regardless if they are negative or positive, those offer a real, genuine view of how the people perceive or view them, and thus make them grow further as artists.

In this episode of Showtime All-Access, Jackie hears those supportive, juicy, or even mean tweets, and reacts to each of them honestly and openly on “Tweet Showtime.”

Of the 15 tweets that were read to her, 13 of them seem unfriendly and intrusive. The tweets included asking when she and real-life boyfriend, Hashtag Tom Doromal, would tie the knot, and who among her fellow Showtime dancers is “pinakamaarte?”

Yet Jackie seemed uncomfortable at first hearing such comments on tweets, such as “Ang arte, arte, arte, arte, arte mong sumayaw,” “Retokada ka ba?” And left her near fuming when she heard, “Kung mabubuntis ka, bakit hindi ngayon?,” “Kaya ka lang naman nasa Showtime, kasi favorite ka ni Meme (Vice Ganda),” and “Ang sakit mong makitang sumayaw, ang OA mo sumayaw girl,.

But she was relieved and thankful to hear the most gracious and encouraging tweet that she has come a long way from being a good dancer at good host. “Keep up the good work!” the tweet said.

Being sport to all those “pleasantries,” Jackie took those in stride and still had fun talking to the Madlang People, saying that we should be positive in everything we see, hear, or do, especially hearing or reading bashful comments or tweets.

Watch how Ate Girl Jackie clapped back to these mean tweets in this episode of Showtime All-Access!