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Ate Girl Jackie gets pranked in Showtime All-Access Halloween special

Just in time for the Halloween season, our dearest Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga took a break from asking jokes from the on-and-off-cam members of the It’s Showtime fam as she instead roamed around again in search for spooky stories that would surely bring us goosebumps and chills down to our spines in this special episode of Showtime All-Access dubbed “It’s Shock- Time!”

The first one to share his own horror story was marshal Bjohan Red, who told her that he felt entities plying the hallways of the ASAP Natin ‘To dressing rooms located at the second floor of the ELJ Communications Center (ELJCC) of ABS-CBN. Butler Alfie Martin imparted, on the other hand, his and other colleagues’ terrifying experiences at the Studio 2 of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center.

Guard Jose Negrido recounted freaking out when he heard the clicking buttons of the elevators and saw a shadow of what seemed to be a kid in the 7th floor of (ELJCC) during his early days of working in the company.

“Reina ng Tahanan” choose-gado Melai Cantiveros-Francisco also recalled her unforgettable scary anecdote while still inside the Pinoy Big Brother house as one of the housemates of the Double-Up edition in 2009, and went on to tease Jackie afterwards, that truly shocked the latter.

Just when our host thought that she’s going to be a prankster anew in the “It’s A Prank” segment, she got the taste of her own medicine when their segment producer Froilan Santos and art department’s setman Bob Gonzales connived to pull a spooky trick on her. As she was busy interviewing Froilan for his horror story, Bob suddenly got out of the black curtain beside them wearing a scary mask. That indeed freaked Jackie out, making her curse and sweat out of sheer nervousness.

She wrapped up the episode by asking some her It’s Showtime co-hosts about their Halloween costumes for this year. Karylle was a dead young girl, Ryan was Player 220 in the popular K-drama “Squid Game”, Kim Chiu was Snow White, while guest host Ogie Alcasid came to work as a cotton buds used in swab tests.

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