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Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid’s best, most heartwarming moments on It’s Showtime

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid has long thrilled and captivated the Madlang People with her world-class talent on It’s Showtime.

But lately, Regine is more frequently seen on the Kapamilya noontime show, especially due to the addition of her husband OPM King Ogie Alcasid to the It’s Showtime family.

From performing as a guest with her soaring, legendary vocals to actually participating in the show’s fun segments, Regine seems to be part of the It’s Showtime family already. On Saturday, November 27, Regine stunned the Madlang People with her surprise appearance on Magpasikat 2021 as part of Ogie and Vhong Navarro’s performance.

But there are more unforgettable appearances Regine made on the show that truly made a lasting impact. In this It’s Showtime Toplist, we look at Regine’s best, most heartwarming moments in the Kapamilya noontime show and witness how she can amusingly and profoundly provide her share in entertaining and enriching the Madlang People.

Regine has showed her different sides as a a wife, mother, and performer, from giving advice to laughing her heart out.

She became a contestant on Madlang Pi-Poll, wherein she sang her timeless hits, which the Madlang People needed to vote on as assistant cameraman Pido’s wedding song. Among Regine’s songs, “Pangarap Ko’y Ibigin Ka” emerged as the Madlang People’s choice. Ogie then promised Pido that he and Regine would sing at his wedding.

Regine also served as a “Choosegado” in Reina ng Tahanan giving helpful advice for women. She also talked about the dynamics behind her near 11-year marriage to Ogie.

In one touching moment, Regine thanked the It’s Showtime family for welcoming Ogie to their fold as a mainstay host.

Definitely, Regine is a perfect fit for the fun noontime show. As such, the Madlang People would really look forward to more guest appearances of Regine on It’s Showtime.