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Anne Patricia Lorenzo’s remarkable moments in It’s Showtime’s Miss Q&A Kween of the Multibeks

Last October 22, It’s Showtime hailed Anne Patricia Lorenzo as the grand winner of Miss Q&A Kween of the Multibeks, besting the other aspiring kweens through her beauty, grace, and wit. And now that it has already been a week since her controversial win, let’s look back on some of her unforgettable moments in the competition via this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

She may have finished in the Top 6 of Miss Q & A InterTALAKtic in 2019 and first runner-up in the Miss International Queen Philippines 2022, but there’s definitely no stopping her from further showing the world what she’s got and proving that she is worthy of the most coveted crown.

After falling short in her bid to become the queen in her first Miss Q&A attempt, she and the other alums were given the opportunity to try again through the “The All-Starwarlahan,” or the so-called “Resbek Week,” wherein the contestants from the past two editions returned to compete again.

When she was slated in the daily rounds on the first week of October, Anne instantly won the hearts of the madlang people not just with her splendor, but also her with her flair in bantering with the hosts, particularly Jhong Hilario, who allegedly promised her a “shot puno” three years ago.

While that exchange truly amused and thrilled us, she impressed us when she talked about her advocacy as an LGBTQIA+ member. According to her, she would want to make the most out of her appearance on the noontime show by educating the public and raising awareness about the basic rights and proper treatment of the rainbow community using her voice.

With how equally gorgeous, confident, and quick-witted they both were, Anne and fellow contender Eula Vega won in the daily rounds after both of them garnered a score of 7.7 and made it to the Miss Q&A All-Starwarlahan Semi-finals.

During the semis, she didn’t just reiterate her supposed inuman session with Jhong, but also reminisced about her memorable face-off with Chad Kinis in the grand finals of Miss Q&A InterTALAKtic 2019. With regards to the most notable question ever given to her throughout her feat, she imparted that it was “Sino ang dapat nagtatanong, teacher o estudyante?,” in which she had to defend “teacher” against Chad’s “estudyante”.

Although she was eliminated in the semifinals, she was given another chance to compete in the grand finals as the Madlang Pi-Poll’s Choice after raking in the highest number of public votes. She then made it to the last portion of the contest, which was the “Final Chukchak” (or statement), wherein the three remaining contestants were asked the single question: “Naniniwala ka bang may taong tanga?”

“I believe, oo. Naniniwala akong may taong tanga. Bakit? Dahil sinasadya niyang magpakatanga kahit lahat naman tayo ay may kakayahang malaman kung ano ang tama at mali. Nilikha tayong matalino pero choice nating magpakatanga,” she zealously answered.

Then she continued, “Tulad na lamang sa pagpili ng mga pinuno ng ating bayan. Nagiging tanga tayo dahil alam naman natin kung sino ang may kredibilidad at kakayahan. Pero…nagpapadala tayo sa matatamis na salita.”

It was applauded by the madlang people and even went viral on social media afterwards. Thus, it didn’t come as a surprise when she was proclaimed the winner, after garnering a total average score of 92.1%, with Karen Monticillo as her runner-up with 92%, and Manny Dionisia in the third spot with 79.9%.

She is really a living proof that nothing is impossible to a person who doesn’t give up easily despite the defeats and hurdles she had to go through. As what we’ve seen, all her hard work and dedication paid off in the end as she triumphed and took home the crown. What a true inspiration indeed!

Congratulations, Kween Anne Patricia Lorenzo!