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Ana, Wize, Sam share what it’s like to host “Showtime Online U,” take on fun Kapamilya Chat games

Feel the fun barkada vibe as “Showtime Online U” hosts Ana Ramsey, Wize Estabillo, and Sam Coloso share their experiences working with each other and take on challenges in this episode of Kapamilya Chat!

Ana, Wize, and Sam extend the level of entertainment for madlang people during It’s Showtime’s commercial gaps on Kapamilya Online Live. Hosting the online show since the pandemic, they have learned that making madlang people happy is a commitment. Thus, the show goes on despite their fair share of personal battles.

Ana reminds herself of her obligation to the viewers. Whatever problem or pain she’s going through behind the scenes belongs only to her. When she’s in front of the cameras, she tries to smile to make others smile too. Wize added that they get motivation from their teammates, who know exactly how to lift each other’s mood when needed. 

As part of the job, they get to interview both winning and losing It’s Showtime contestants. Ana, admittedly the most “iyakin,” tries to switch the mood without invalidating the losing contestant’s feelings. She makes the aspirant smile but not without compromising sympathy.

Sam, a former beauty pageant contender and “Sexy Babe” winner, can sure relate to the stories of the contestants they get to interview. And because she was once in their position, she can add pieces of advice and ‘hugot’ to the conversation. She brings to mind her interview with Ana and Wize during her “Sexy Babe” days, and now that she’s their co-host makes the feeling so surreal.

This also reminds Wize of his humble beginning as a former “BidaMan” contestant. He started as guest co-host alongside the other Bida Men in “Showtime Online U” and got regularized during the pandemic.

They didn’t expect the amount of support they’ve got from solid Showtimers, especially during their live production number in a recent episode. And as a gift for the viewers’ overwhelming love, the trio promises to bring them good vibes six days a week.

In the next portion of the interview, Ana, Wize, and Sam took on the “Bukingan” Challenge where they revealed “who’s who” among the “Showtime Online U” family. They divulged that Wize doesn’t like wasting food, so he doesn’t mind eating his co-hosts' leftovers.

They disclosed that “pictorial is life” for Ana, meaning she’s the selfie queen of the group. She’s also voted as the most emotional, which she confirmed, saying that she easily gets touched by the “madlang people” or contestants’ life stories.

Meanwhile, Sam was named the “sweetest” in the group, while former Tawag Ng Tanghalan contender Anne Tenorio is the introverted one, as she’s often busy playing mobile games.

They took on the “Mini Miss U With A Twist” Challenge as well, in where they danced the trending “Mini Miss U” choreography based on the given scenario or emotion.

The gang showcased their version of “mata-mata” acting when asked to dance with sad emotions, with Wize tearing up in no time. Then, Ana and Sam acted like “sweet girls” when asked to dance as if their crushes were watching, while Wize maintained his charming smile. The competitive spirit was strong as they danced as if furious, and then gave their most “pasabog” choreography when asked for their “pang-grand finals” performance.

The next challenge was called “Game of Phones”. The Kapamilya Chat host would give instructions related to cell phone content and the first to deliver would gain a point. For the first category, the most number of photos in their phone gallery, Ana divulged that she has approximately 1, 800, while Sam has almost 800. They thought Ana would earn a point until Sam revealed that she has almost 36, 000 pictures in her gallery.

The most cracked phone was that of Wize, who jestingly reacted, “Eh, ‘di kayo na masinop.” Determined to win, he was quick to show a photo of his pet in the next round.

When asked to play a random video, Sam showed a promotional reel for a perfume brand; while Sam had a video of the adobo he cooked; and Ana’s was a selfie video, “awra pa rin.”

None of the players managed to type “Showtime Online U” on their phones with their eyes closed. Finally, when asked to video call someone and the first to get a response wins, Sam got help from her mother while Wize called his sibling. They poked fun at Ana, who didn’t get a response from the person she tried to call.

The last challenge was called “Walang Tapon” where they traded their microphones for water bottles. The rule says they must take turns pouring water into a glass and the first person to spill the water loses.

Ana leveled up the thrill by filling more than half of the bottle just on her first attempt, so Wize and Sam had to be extra careful. They had good control and were able to add just droplets until Wize broke the surface of the water, causing the spill.

As a consequence, he gamely drank the water without lifting the glass using his hands.

Fun and family – that’s how Ana, Wize, and Sam describe “Showtime Online U.” Catch the happy bunch with their new co-hosts Nicki Morena and AC Soriano Mondays to Saturdays during It’s Showtime’s commercial gaps on Kapamilya Online Live.