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The Juans on Showtime All Access

After their delighting stint in the “Madlang Pi-Poll” segment of It’s Showtime a few weeks ago that was truly enjoyed by everyone, especially by their beloved fans, pop rock band The Juans further put their guessing skills to the test as they played two fun games in this episode of Showtime All-Access.

Once again hosted by Teddy Corpuz, he commenced the episode by asking the band – composed of Carl Guevarra, Japs Mendoza, RJ Cruz, Josh Coronel, and Chael Adriano – to introduce themselves one-by-one. He also requested them to perform a portion of their latest single “Dulo,” which describes the point of view of a person left in the relationship after a breakup.

Besides, they also accepted his dare for them to do a song on the spot that bares lyrics and evokes emotions that are opposite of what their hit “Di Tayo Pwede” conveyed.

They then proceeded to the first game, which was the “Laro Laro Pick,” wherein they had to guess what’s inside the “Mystery Box” in front of them. If the players got the correct answer, they would earn two points and had to flick Teddy’s ear twice. But if they got it wrong, it would be Teddy’s turn to flick their ears.

For the first mystery item, the host described is as sticky, transparent, has a unique odor, and usually oozes out from something that is long and stout. Chael and Josh tried a number of times, yet they failed to guess that it was “gel”.

The second item was wet wipes, which RJ and Japs were able to get correctly after Teddy described it as something that could be wet and dry and one should always bring it to avoid issues.

Frontman Carl also successfully guessed what the third item was, which was “jelly ace.” The host, who described it as having different colors and sizes and a favorite of kids and kids at heart, got two more flicks on the ear for it.

Teddy went on to challenge them again through the second game called “Complete the Lyrics,” wherein they had to add the missing lyrics they thought would suit the incomplete lyrics he had given them. Just when The Juans assumed that it’s the typical “Complete the Lyrics” game, they were surprised to hear him sing a line from another song, making it a totally amusing mashup.

Watch this video to see the fun happenings in this episode of Showtime All-Access!