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KChat AC & Nicki Showtime Online U hosts

A new batch of hosts is joining the growing family of “Showtime Online U,” It’s Showtime’s backstage show aired during commercial breaks on Kapamilya Online Live. The original hosts Ana Ramsey, Sam Coloso, and Wize Estabillo have found their newest playmates in content creator AC Soriano and “Kalokalike” champion Nicki Morena.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, AC and Nicki rehashed the start of their latest hosting stint. They mentioned that they just had a casual conversation with staff from It’s Showtime, thus they didn’t want to assume until a formal meeting took place.

For AC, just the thought of seeing Vice Ganda everyday – “kahit walang TF,” he joked – was enough to keep him excited. Nicki, of course, wouldn’t say ‘no’ to the program that paved the way for her career in the entertainment scene. Funny, they only felt certain about the offer after joining the show’s private chat group.

They didn’t feel awkward with the team, though Nicki tried to tone down her usual zest, aware that her other show on “PIE Channel” and “Showtime Online U” are two different territories. But the fun chemistry and ‘asaran’, ‘bardagulan’ as they call it, just comes out naturally. You’ll notice how comfortable they are poking fun at their co-hosts.

Asked what makes this new task fulfilling, they said that “ang sarap maging parte ng creative minds ng mga passionate people.” They could vouch for the whole team’s commitment to make madlang people happy. “At saka ‘yung pera, hindi na ako magpapaka-plastic. Mahal ang bigas ngayon,” joked Nicki.

For AC, it’s about getting paid for a job that he enjoys. He’s been a long-time fan of the show and even cut class to watch it live in the studio (though he requests students not to copy this behavior). Somehow, he feels that this is a manifestation story.

The next portion of the episode was all about “bukingan,” in which they revealed who’s who among the “Showtime Online U” hosts. They voted Wize as the most generous and disclosed that the latter bought coffee for the staff. Meanwhile, Ana is “wagas kung tumawa,” as Nicki puts in jest, “kasya ‘yung buong ABS-CBN [sa bibig niya].” And this makes Ana one of the best co-hosts to banter with.

The two are also “best in selfies”, as they like to document their OOTDs. Wize is the sleepyhead and biggest food lover of the group. The “Isip Bata” gang – Kulot, Argus, and Jaze – joins them in some episodes and they make the studio extra energetic.


Mini Miss U with a Twist

Speaking of energy, the duo had loads of that when they took on the “Mini Miss U With A Twist” Challenge. Here, they must dance the viral “Mini Miss U” choreography, but with different emotions depending on the given scenario.

AC and Nicki kept it low-key when asked to dance as if they were jealous. Then, they got so bubbly and ‘wild’ as they danced as if their crush was watching, with AC entertaining his crush with a twerk.

Meanwhile, “sapawan” happened as they danced as if annoyed with their co-host. Lastly, they made do with the chair and flower vases as props when asked to give their ultimate, “pasabog” dance steps.


Battle of the Famous Lines

We believe that a “Showtime Online U” host must be witty, thus AC and Nicki certainly fit the bill. In the next game called “Battle of the Famous Lines,” the duo delivered good vibes as they exchanged dialogues that we often hear in specific scenarios.

Round one required their best ‘palusot’ or excuses for not paying their debt.

Nicki: “Akala mo tatakasan, eh.”

AC: “Ang aga-aga, utang! Parang ‘di naman kaibigan ‘to!”

Lastly, they delivered the typical lines of an angry mom. Nicki acted out the classic, “Hindi ka na uuwi? Diyan ka na lang!” in Bisaya. As for AC, his mom would often tell him: “Anak, bakla ka na naman!”

Get your dose of good vibes from AC and Nicki and the whole “Showtime Online U” gang Mondays to Saturdays, during It’s Showtime’s commercial gaps, on Kapamilya Online Live.