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It’s Showtime MC & Lassy Funny Moments

Just like the Unkabogable Phenomenal Star Vice Ganda, the careers of MC Muah and Lassy Marquez in the entertainment scene also began through their stints as stand-up comedians.

And from comedy bars, they have gone to spread good vibes and laughter on to more people in different parts of the world as they eventually appear in various television shows, and even movies. From simply doing guestings and serving as hurados in the previous, they finally became the newest additions to the continuously growing It’s Showtime family in 2022!

Since it has already been a year since they started in our favorite noontime program, let’s reminisce about some of their funniest moments in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

Aside from their banters with one another and their co-hosts, the dynamic duo is also game in taking on the ‘absurd’ requests of Vice, especially in the Isip Bata segment, much to the delight of everyone watching. There were instances when they had to shampoo each other’s hair on the spot and had an instant face-off in the most appetizing way to eat rice.

We also got a glimpse of their wacky friendship with Vice in an episode of RamPanalo, wherein the three of them interviewed one of the contestants and the Unkabogable Star incessantly poked fun at them, especially at Lassy.

MC and Lassy also tried their shot on the Korean pop group TAN, when Ryan Bang introduced them to the boyband. But it seemed that they failed to completely charm them as the handsome and talented lads chose the madlang people over them.

Vice teased MC during the RamPanalo segment regarding how it felt that finally, someone chose and stood up by him. Subsequently, she told him what if the contestant is really the one meant for him. Vice then turned to Lassy, who, on the other hand, wasn’t picked by the contestant, to remind him to not turn his back at himself.

As they just came home from their show in Canada with the Unkabogable Star in April 2023, the duo jokingly told the hosts that they supposedly have pasalubong for them. However, just when they’re about to buy, Vice stopped them since she would be the one to purchase pasalubong for them.

Back when there was still fun-ishments for the taga-kwenta of the RamPanalo segment, MC unfortunately received the fun-ishment from Lassy. They may be besties for real, but Lassy set that aside for the meantime as he vehemently shoved the face of MC to the pillow drizzled with flour, much to the amusement of the madlang people and their co-hosts.

And lastly, apart from displaying their comedic chops through their jokes and banters with one another and their co-hosts, they’re able to entertain us as well through their hidden talent in dancing and tumbling.

Indeed, MC and Lassy are well-deserving of being part of the It’s Showtime because of the plentiful good vibes and laughter that they offer to the madlang people!