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KToplist Emotional Moments Showtime 2023

Our noontime viewing has been filled with laughter and good vibes in the past 14 years, thanks to It’s Showtime. However, even though the hosts have always been gregarious, there were still instances that they got emotional as they pour their hearts out in front of cameras and of the madlang people. 

And just in time for Christmas, let us revisit 10 of the heartwarming moments on the well-loved noontime program that also brought tears to our eyes and tugged at our heartstrings in this edition of Kapamilya Toplist.

First on this list is the highly anticipated comeback of Vhong Navarro after almost four months of no-show due to the personal and legal struggles that he had to face. The hosts and the madlang people weren’t able to contain their excitement, glee, and tears as they welcomed him back. As soon as the tearful Vhong emerged onstage, his co-hosts immediately gave him a group hug and continued singing The Moffats “I’ll Be There For You.”

A few days before the Holy Week observance last April, Kim Chiu got emotional as she talked about her faith. “Sa dami ng pinagdadaanan mo sa buhay, kapag may hawak ka talagang rosary, hindi ka talaga bibitawan ng Panginoon. Parang ‘yon ang greatest weapon na meron tayo. Kapag nagro-rosary ako, parang kausap ko ‘yong Panginoon,” she said. And as she failed to pray the rosary everyday during that time, she confessed that it’s something that she wanted to seek forgiveness for.

She went on to remind everyone, “Kahit maraming magandang nangyayari, huwag kang makakalimot sa Panginoon. Hindi mo lang Siya tatawagin kapag hindi na maganda. Maganda o hindi na maganda, parehas Niyang binigay ‘yon kaya hindi natin bibitawan ‘yong faith at pagtawag sa Panginoon.”

Vice also wasn’t able to keep herself from getting emotional in an episode of “Isip Bata” as Batang Cute-po Argus Aspiras dedicated a song to her spouse Ion Perez, who was absent that day – and it was their favorite song “Beautiful Day (Thank You For Sunshine)”.

Of course, who would forget Mini Miss U contender Annika Co, who, at 7 years old, pierced the hearts of and astounded everyone, including host Anne Curtis, with her inspiring statement during the acting portion? As Vice portrayed the role of her friend who has stage fright, she encouraged her by telling her, “If some people don’t like you, then it’s fine. What’s important is someone still likes you.” Then she added, “You shouldn’t be worried about if you’ll be the best in the world. You have to be the best version of yourself.

When asked why she was crying, Anne told Vice, “Naiyak ako kasi that was so pure. Na parang if everyone could be as kind as this child, wala nang hatred sa mundo.”

There were no indeed dry eyes in the room during the interview of Vice and Vhong with Mini Miss U Eury, who expressed her genuine love for the Unkabogable Star and the whole It’s Showtime fam through her witty yet heart-rending poem. She expressed her happiness for the opportunity given to her to be with them, especially to see Vice whom she’s very excited to see. In return, the rest of the hosts joined them onstage to give her a huge, warm embrace as their way of showing their gratitude and love for her.

As his family was able to watch his Magpasikat performance along with Jhong Hilario and Kim Chiu live in the studio last November, Ion wasn’t able to contain his emotions as he remembered her late older sister who, according to him, had always been so proud of him. Being the supportive and doting spouse that she is, Vice came to the stage to console her. 

Every time someone’s celebrating his/her birthday, the It’s Showtime fam never fails to convey their love and appreciation to their co-host through their mushy messages for him/her. And for Anne’s birthday last February, her “sisterette” Vice left her teary-eyed with her touching yet funny tribute for her. She wished her nothing but happiness and vowed to pray for her whole family and loved ones because she knows that they are her biggest sources of joy.

And during Jhong’s birthday fete on the show, Ryan Bang wasn’t able to hold his emotions as he delivered his sappy message to him. He imparted how grateful he is to have found a friend and big brother in him and for all the advice that he had given him ever since the first time that they met inside the Pinoy Big Brother house when he was still a housemate. He also expressed how he loves him so much and how thankful he is to him and his family.

Lastly, everyone was also moved when Vice thanked her co-hosts one-by-one for their contributions and for not turning their backs on the program despite everything that was happening in their personal lives and on the show in the past months and years, during an episode last June.