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9 Funniest moments of Vhong Navarro in It’s Showtime

In its past 10 successful years on air, the madlang people have absolutely witnessed all sorts of shenanigans on It's Showtime. And one of the masterminds behind those is none other than Vhong Navarro!

From being a talented dancer and a seasoned actor and comedian, we’re able to see the side of him that many of us may not have discovered yet in his almost two decades in the local entertainment scene – his being an effective host. Thus, we compiled some of his most unforgettable, droll moments on the show in this montage!

Well, he knows exactly what it’s like to be a host on this hilariously chaotic noontime show. However, it’s just that sometimes, his timing isn’t always right. Just like in that instance when he was about to throw in his spiel but had to stop himself for his co-hosts were not done talking yet or talked ahead of him already.

There was also one particular moment during an episode of Tawag ng Tanghalan, where Vice Ganda was interviewing the contestant but got distracted by Vhong who was then talking to his co-hosts off-cam. That’s why when Vice Ganda shouted at him, he really got shocked and even teared up after being yelled at for not paying attention because of laughing so hard.

Banters among the hosts is an everyday occurrence on It's Showtime and Vhong certainly never failed to deliver. For instance, the Unkabogable Star teased him for blabbing a lot when he’s not on-cam to host, as he still throw jokes at him even when they’re not together onstage. This happened when a TNT contestant shared that her father was just 42 years old, and Vhong told her to show respect to her “Tito Vice Ganda”, who’s actually two years older than her father.

Vhong really knows exactly how to tease Vice Ganda and even amazingly thinks fast whenever he wants to make silly jokes about him. For instance, when he, Vice, and Jhong Hilario were having hilarious conversation about how they like their spaghetti – if it is “pataas” or “pababa” – he answered that they only eat “kalbonara” instead of saying carbonara, just to poke fun at Vice.

Of course, Vhong Navarro has his own share of embarrassing moments too. In one episode of their “Mas Testing” segment, Vhong had to choose which quote has deeper meaning – Karylle’s or Tiyang Amy’s. And when he read Karylle’s quote which was “Reach for the moon, if not, you’ll land among the stars,” one of the writers shortened the word “stars” by drawing a star and suffixed it with “s.” Thus, Vhong mistook it to “As”.

Indeed, the 43-year-old comedian-host never gets tired of doing silly things on Vice Ganda. In one of the recent episodes, he failed to prank him with a strip of garter in the segment “Mas Testing”. He asked Vice to get the other end of the garter, but Vice told he doesn’t want to because he knows what Vhong was about to do, adding that it’s not like he still doesn’t know him given their 11-year friendship.

Lastly, Vhong Navarro also had the worst luck on “Mas Testing” and had to face a series of hilarious “FUNishments”. Who would forget that moment when he had to endure the extreme cold after pouring one glass of ice inside his undergarment and when he wore a bright red bra while doing a viral TikTok dance? Another “FUNishment” he eagerly accepted was prank calling his youngest son by pretending to scold him for borrowing his “favorite underwear”.

Were you able to see these funny moments of Vhong on the noontime show? Well, you better not miss an episode in order to catch more hilarious moments of him and the rest of the It's Showtime family in the coming days on Kapamilya Online Live, Kapamilya Online Channel, and A2Z from Monday to Saturday!