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7 times Teddy Corpuz showcased his comedic talent on It’s Showtime!

From being the frontman of Rocksteddy, one of the most popular rock bands in the early 2000s, Teddy Corpuz was able to successfully traverse to hosting when he was tapped to become one of pioneer hosts of It’s Showtime back in 2009.

This stint has enabled him to show his hosting skills and comedic chops that his fans had probably not seen yet. Despite the changes that happened in the show throughout the past years, he’s among those who have remained and continue to deliver joy and good vibes to the madlang people almost every noontime.

And in the recent weeks, his innate sense of humor was further exposed to which we’ve arguably found ourselves laughing out loud. Let’s look back on seven of his funniest kulitan moments with his co-hosts in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist!

Aside from simply asking the gorgeous contestants of the “Showtime Sexy Babe” segment, the program came up with a more engaging and amusing way to get to know the contestants – by setting up a mini-tambayan in one corner of the stage wherein the hosts and the “sexy authori-team” (a.k.a. the hurados) assemble and do random things while listening to the conversation of Vice with the contestant.

While the other hosts and judges were busy munching the food prepared for them, Teddy was simply sitting on one side and acting as if he’s a “lasenggong tambay,” much to the amusement of everyone. And he went on to stay in character when the Unkabogable Host sought his help in “punishing” Ogie Alcasid. However, Teddy eventually became on the receiving end of the joke as well as Vice “mocked” him for having a back comparable to a dart board and splashed him with water, just like what he did to Ogie.

Teddy exacted revenge by joining the terrific trio of Vice, Ogie, and Vhong Navarro onstage and suddenly squeezing water from the plastic bottle he was holding, which got directly squirted to the face of Vice, who was then standing behind him alongside Vhong and Ogie. Teddy also attempted to do the same to Vhong, but the latter was alert and agile enough to stop him from fulfilling his wicked plan.

Unbeknown to Teddy, the Unkabogable Star was able to acquire a funny screenshot of the rockstar while being a “lasenggerong tambay” and he showed it on public television despite the protest of Teddy, who was assigned to be the “gong-bassador” of Tawag ng Tanghalan for that day.

The following day, Teddy went to work with a cast on his left hand that got fractured because of Vhong’s tight and strong grip when he tried to squirt water on him the day before. They may have initially expressed their concern, but Vhong and Vice called what happened to him as “karma” and “deserve”. Everyone then went on to recall what happened during their basaan moments, which was reminiscent of the iconic sitcom “Palibhasa Lalake” that Tyang Amy Perez used to star in.

Being a natural comedian and writer that he is, Kuys Teddy once again penned a witty poem entitled “Muni-Muni sa Isang Kutsarang Lumbay,” which really impressed everyone.

And after being teased by Vice for having a dirty back, Teddy received a praise from him after the Vice tagged him and Kim Chiu as the “best dressed” in their 80’s Prom motif for the March 20 episode because of how his pink suit made him appear fresh and sweet-smelling.

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