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7 times Jhong Hilario impressed us with his words of wisdom on It’s Showtime

Ever since it began in 2009, It’s Showtime has indeed filled our noontimes with good vibes and laughter. But, at the same time, there are instances when the hosts also have serious moments as they talk about lessons on life. While Vice Ganda is usually the one who does it, the other hosts are also able to share some words of wisdom, too, like Jhong Hilario.

Check out the seven inspirational “quotable quotes” we’ve heard from Jhong Hilario in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

As the Unkabogable Star told a “Girl On Fire” contestant that she has the ability to inspire others despite whoever or whatever she is in more ways than one, this prompted him to say: “Sinasabi nga no’ng iba, ‘di ba, parehong kaliwa ang paa. Hindi ho totoo ‘yon. Kung gusto mo talaga ‘yong ginagawa mo, aaralin mo, matututo ka.” He then confessed that he actually started out having no skills in dancing. But because he loves it, he did everything to learn. He added, “I have no special talent, I’m just passionately curious.”

In the February 1 episode, Slay-Dy Bianca Campos opened up about how she feels like she’s not able to improve her skills anymore and how her self-esteem is shrinking. Thus, Vice commended for continuously challenging herself and not letting herself settle at something that she’s been doing, then reminded her that she’s limitless.

The multi-hyphenate artist agreed to it and commented: “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. Kapag hindi mo inumpisahan ‘yan, ‘di mo mapupuntahan kasi ‘di ka nagpu-pursue. Dapat ngayon pa lang isipin mo na kung gusto mo ba ang ganitong path? Mamimili ka lang naman ng isa diyan eh - one day o day one? You decide.”

As another contestant imparted how she dreams of becoming famous in order to inspire other people, he once again impressed us with his words of wisdom when he told her how important it is for her to have her own identity. He stated, “You have to be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy,” to which his co-hosts agreed. Vice jestingly revealed that Jhong had been coughing recently as he had to stay up late at night to look for and memorize quotable quotes that he could impart on the show the following day. Jhong jokingly agreed by saying that he actually finds it hard to sleep if he doesn’t do so.

Vice seconded his statement by saying, “[It’s] very important to stay to yourself and as yourself because sometimes you get lost. ‘Di ba, when you forget your identity, you get lost. Because your identity is just like your compass, it will bring you to your right path, it will bring you back to your home.”

There was also an instance when he erroneously stated his quotable quote for the day, to which his co-hosts corrected him. He was able to make it right and said, “Sometimes, we are tested not to see our weakness, but to discover our strengths,” which according to Vice is not absolutely related to what they’re tackling with a “Girl On Fire” participant.

As another “Girl On Fire” contestant expressed how she dreams of bagging medals from international competitions, Jhong reminded her that “nothing is impossible.” He further expounded that the word should be read instead as “I’m possible,” and added, as prompted by co-host Ogie Alcasid, that “The top of the mountain is the bottom of the next one, so keep on climbing.” He also reminded her, “When you reach your success, always look at the stars and [keep] your feet on the ground.”

Aside from the contenders in the aforementioned dance competition, he also got to share nuggets of wisdom to the contestants of Tawag ng Tanghalan. As one of them is a TikTok content creator who admitted that she also has her own share of bashers, he simply advised her, “Sa mga bashers, huwag kang maniniwala diyan. Hahatakin ka lang niyan pababa. Always remember that you are the artist of your own life. So, don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else.” He also emphasized the value of being kind in attaining ultimate success in life.

And speaking of “success,” he also related the true definition of it for him as a TNT contestant divulged joining various singing contests in the past. This prompted him to utter, “Ang importante, kapag natatalo [ay] hindi sumusuko,” which he elaborated by saying that “failure is not the opposite of success” because it’s actually part of it. Thus, we should not easily surrender.

Besides, he also stated how he actually never dreamt of success because he worked hard for it, while his co-hosts said that the actual opposite of success is “not doing something.” Moreover, Karylle remarked that we should only shoot our shots and just keep on trying.

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