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Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga as Host

Avid viewers surely know that Jackie Gonzaga started as among the talented dancers of It’s Showtime and Vice Ganda’s “love interest” in the short impromptu skit he made up throughout the whole run of Miss Q & A Season 1 in 2018. 

As the “Girl On Fire” segment was launched last October, it has also served as an opportunity for her to further display her skills in dancing, as well as in hosting, too! And in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist, we listed down her best hosting moments so far on the well-loved noontime show!

Being naturally witty and comedic that she is, Jackie is able to keep pace and banter with her ever-gregarious co-hosts. She’s able to contribute something droll or ride in their shenanigans during her exchanges with them and the contestants every time she joins them on the stage of “Girl on Fire”.

Since she’s an impressive dancer like the participants, an episode is seemingly would never be complete without her showing off her dancing prowess. We have already seen her split, shake her body, and grooved to the beat of the music – which all indeed never failed to wow the madlang people.

Apart from her co-host and manager Vice Ganda, she has also formed a wonderful connection with their other co-hosts, making It’s Showtime more exciting and fun to watch. At the same time, she enthusiastically takes on everything that she is told to do, even if that meant having to split while her two legs are placed in different seats or delivering spiels on top of a scaffolding. 

With how eager she is to accept the opportunities given to her and to show off the talents and beauty that she’s blessed with, there’s definitely no doubt that Ate Girl Jackie is an epitome of a true “Girl On Fire”!