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7 funny, intriguing Madlang Pi-POLL questions that made us laugh, ponder in It’s Showtime

The terrible circumstances we’re in have never hindered It’s Showtime from making the madlang people happy through the unfailingly hilarious banters of its gregarious hosts with one another and with the contestants, as well as the cash prizes that they give away to the televiewers.

And last July 24, its creators came up with a brand-new segment that would not only give amusement to the audiences, but a chance for them to win whopping cash prizes to them as well – the first-ever interactive game in Philippine noontime television, “Madlang Pi-POLL”!

This allows people watching at home to actively participate by answering poll-based questions and have the opportunity to bag cash prizes with just a few clicks on their computer or mobile device. However, they have to make sure that the studio players would not be able to match the responses of majority of them, otherwise the cash prize would go to the pot money of the studio contestants.

To join the game, the viewers must either log on to www.joinnow.ph/showtime or scan the QR code that is flashed on the screen and respond to each question during the live segment. He/she should be a Filipino citizen living in the Philippines, at least 18 years, and has a valid ID. While everyone is welcome to join, they will only get qualified for the raffle draw and win prizes by providing their full name, address, age, phone number, and e-mail address once the host announces that the registration is already open.

And in the past month of its highly successful run, we’ve not only found ourselves enjoy listening to the banters and opinions of the hosts and the contestants, but the poll questions as well. And in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist, let’s look back on seven of the best poll questions that are funny enough to make us laugh, too relatable that they pierced our hearts, or thought-provoking that they made us really ponder.

The better surname for Nina

As she has been using a mononym ever since she began her showbiz career in the early 2000s, her surname has become a mystery for those who are able to follow her journey. And recently, a slew of memes regarding celebrities using single screennames emerge and went viral online. While her biological surname is “Girado,” some had funny suggestions, such as the poll choices “makatulog” at “makakain”.

Who’s the fairest of them all?

This is arguably one of the most memorable lines we’ve ever heard from a fairytale, which is Snow White. While we all know how fair and flawless the titular character is, but could Casper and White Lady beat her?

The badder brother

There’s a Filipino adage that states, “Kapatid ng magnanakaw ang sinungaling.” And since comparing among siblings is inevitable, the writers wittingly included it in the poll questions.

Lovers’ quarrel

Misunderstandings and fights among lovers are definitely unavoidable. While there are times that couples argue over big matters, there are also instances that they simply got irked by one another. And those are the moments when we often hear the utterances: “ewan ko sa’yo”, “bahala ka”, e ‘di ‘wag”, “okay, ako na naman mali”, and “ayos ah, ikaw pa galit?”, which host Vice Ganda were able to compellingly delivered.

Move on, move on din

Moving on from a past relationship you truly cherished is certainly difficult. And here are some signs that you haven’t gotten over it yet, according to It’s Showtime: “chine-check mo pa rin ang Facebook profile niya,” “nilalait mo ‘yong bagong jowa niya,” “may pictures ka pa rin sa phone,” “nagba-backread ka ng messages n’yo dati,” “nakatabi pa rin ‘yong mga regalo,” at “relate na relate ka pa rin sa lahat ng love songs”.

Love me or leave me

The It’s Showtime family, especially studio players Jugs Jugueta, Teddy Corpuz, and Yael Yuzon, had a pretty serious and heartfelt exchange when the thought-provoking and heartbreaking questions “ano ang dahilan para iwan mo ang asawa mo?” was asked. And most of them agreed “may iba na siya” rather than “may iba ka na”.

This is also the same question that introduced to the madlang people the “Twitter’s Baby Boy” Pido, one of the cameramen who’s apparently having marital woes with his wife of five years.

The scope of the poll questions varies from life and love up to personalities and everything under the sun, to which everyone surely has different opinions. However, while it’s nice for the viewers to share their thoughts, it’s actually better for them to wisely not choose the answer they think the studio player would pick for them to earn a larger cash prize that a few of them may take home at the end of the game.

What about you, Kapamilya? What are your answers for these “Madlang Pi-Poll” questions?

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