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Vice Ganda Real Talk Expecially For You

Aside from her remarkable comedic and hosting chops, which we’ve been able to witness in the 15 years of It’s Showtime, Vice Ganda has also impressed us with the incredible wit and wisdom that she exhibited via her banters with her co-hosts and the guests.

She’s able to display it in various segments of the long-running noontime program, such as in “Expecially For You,” in which we don’t only get to listen to the love and breakup stories of searchers in each episode, but also gain fresh perspectives and realizations about different aspects of life. And in this Showtime Toplist feature, let’s revisit the seven times when the Unkabogable Star gave the madlang people some real talk.

Let’s begin with that episode wherein the searchers failed to give the full name of their school, which is usually known by its acronym. Along with her co-hosts Amy Perez, Jhong Hilario, and Vhong Navarro, they expressed how bothersome it is that people are getting less observant as we allow ourselves to be distracted by our cellphones most of the time. Vice also pointed out how some of us, especially young people, tend to express our opinions on social media but are less aware of the basic things that we must know in life.

For sure, a lot of us were able to relate to the searcher named Melgar, whose breakup with his ex was caused by insecurity and low self-esteem. Vice advised him that more than physical features, it’s authenticity and confidence that make a person beautiful and powerful. Thus, we must not give other people the power to belittle or treat us as inferior, and we must learn to love ourselves better.

Vice also discussed the viral video of a group of Criminology students being asked by their commander one-by-one the question, “Barbie ka ba?” This appeared to be ‘derogatory’ as it suggested that femininity is a sign of weakness, which made her ask if being a “Barbie” is negative or bad.

Another gender-related issue that she discussed was the situation commonly experienced by the gay community – being taken advantage of by people who are just after the things that they can gain from them. She stated, “Kaming mga bakla, pwede n’yo kaming maging matalik na kaibigan. Pwede n’yo kaming maging seryosong karelasyon. Pwede n’yo kaming kakampi, pwede n’yo kaming kabarkada, pwede n’yo kaming kagrupo. Pero hindi mangyayari ‘yon kung ang intension n’yo lang ay huthutan kami. Bukod sa kaya naming ibigay na mga regalo, may mas malaki kaming kayang ibigay – ‘yong puso namin.”

As a searcher named Beng recounted how her ex used to text her “I love you” before he even started courting her, Vice was reminded of something that she just read about the kinds of love, two of which were love for a romantic partner and love for friends. He implied how hurtful it could be for someone to show love to another person, assuming that it’s romantic, only to learn that it has been mere friendship all along.

The Unkabogable Star then went on to tackle the conscious and unconscious efforts that we tend to do for the person we’re in love with, which, according to her, may give a hint on the level of feelings that we have towards our partner. She believes that if we lack both, then there’s a possibility that we only love the person for the sake of the relationship or memories, but we don’t see them as special anymore.

And lastly, while a searcher named Dorothy uttered that the greatest form of love for her is “sacrificial,” or the one that’s willing to compromise or adjust, Vice firmly believes that it’s fighting for the love until the last moment, even though it’s hard and painful.

Which of these “real talk” moments of Vice were you able to relate to?

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