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Amusing questions in Reina ng Tahanan

Being the ones in-charge of the whole household or providing for the family, it’s undeniable how truly dependable our beloved mothers are. From answering all our random queries up to helping us resolve our problems, it certainly amazed us ever since we are kids how they seemingly have solutions for everything! 

And some of them were able to prove it – and even show their wittiness – through their stints in the “Reina Ng Tahanan” segment of It’s Showtime. After their introduction and short interview with the hosts, the contestants had to pick a scroll that contains a random question that they have to answer.

In this episode of Kapamilya Toplist, let’s look back on some of the amusing yet mind-boggling questions that we’ve ever heard from the well-loved beauty contest on television at present!

The questions are practical since those tackle everyday experiences, but they’re baffling at the same time as those really made us ponder. Just like, “Kapag taon na ang binilang at hindi pa rin ina-accept ng anak mo ang friend request mo sa social media, ayaw ka ba niyang maging friend?”, which was asked to ReiNanay Myrna Cacnio. 

While there are some of us who arguably crave for connections online, for her it’s just fine to not be “friends” with her children online as long as they have a genuine relationship in real life. 
For sure, many of us are baffled growing up on why our moms usually keep new stuff, especially the dining wares, instead of using them, right? Thus, when asked, “Bakit ang mga nanay kapag may bagong gamit tinatago lang at ayaw gamitin?”, ReiNanay Chilo simply retorted that they didn’t only want it to easily get worn out and in order to save money, too.

As the time comes that children will get into romantic affairs, their beaus would begin not only to build connections with them, but call them “tita” or even “mommy.” And since they’re going to consider them as they’re part of the family, ReiNanay Pilar was quizzed, “Kung may girlfriend o boyfriend ang anak mo at tinatawag ka na niyang mommy, pwede mo na rin ba siyang utusan at pagalitan?” And she responded that she couldn’t do it yet since she’s still being regarded as “tita”.

We have an oft-quoted adage that states, “time is gold”. But if it’s ReiNanay Jesusa who’s going to choose between time or gold, it would be the former since she wants to have more time to do the things she usually does at home. Besides, she also told hosts Vhong Navarro and Vice Ganda that she’s not a materialistic person.

While there are mothers who warn their children not to show up whenever they commit mistakes, ReiNanay Aileen reveled that they actually do not want them to do it. So, when asked, “Kung sinabihan mo ang anak mo na huwag magpapakita sa’yo kapag may ginawang kalokohan, magagalit ka ba kapag sinunod niya ito?”, she told the hosts that she would still get mad at them for making her worry about their whereabouts.

And lastly, as some of us usually turn to our mothers every time we’re in trouble, ReiNanay Razzel’s response to the question, “Bakit sa nanay lagi nagsusumbong ang anak? Matindi ba siyang rumesbak?” was basically because children regard them as allies.

Reina Ng Tahanan” may be an emotional segment filled with love and appreciation for mothers, but in true It’s Showtime style, it also has its hilarious moments! Get your daily dose of laughter and good vibes by not missing an episode of It’s Showtime, Mondays to Saturdays, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z Channel 11.