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6 times Vice Ganda enlightened us with his pieces of advice on It’s Showtime

Aside from his ever-changing hairstyle and color, unkabogable fashion and style, and formidable comedic chops, another thing that we admire about Vice Ganda is his generosity not only towards his family and friends, but to other people as well.

And he’s not only able to show his kindness through giving material things, but through sharing his wisdom as well, which we are able to witness on It’s Showtime in the past 13 years. Avid viewers can surely recall that there was even a segment before titled “Vice Advice”, wherein he relayed advice to madlang people who seek enlightenment about their struggles in life.

That segment might be already over, but that didn’t hinder him from imparting his wisdom to others, which some we collated in this Kapamilya Toplist feature.

First off was when he told Miss Q and A Kween of the Multibeks contestant Martie that it could have been better if he pursued his studies first instead of stopping and giving way to his younger brother, to think that he’s nearer in reaching the finish line rather than his sibling. His co-host Ogie Alcasid chimed in by uttering, “Parang empowering yourself para ma-empower mo rin ‘yong iba,” to which Vice agreed and added, “Help yourself first for you to be able to help other people more.” However, they couldn’t blame Martie for choosing to help himself first since there are people like him who couldn’t take seeing their parents struggle, so it doesn’t make him admire Martie less.

In an October episode of “Girl On Fire,” they met Slay-dy April, whose mother is undergoing dialysis at a hospital during that time she was slated to compete. With the level of professionalism that she had shown them, the Unkabogable Star expressed how much she admires people who are still able to deliver to their commitment despite the challenges that they go through. He also reminded children out there to be good if they cannot help their families, as well as April to keep on doing what she’s doing because that surely gives her mom the strength and motivation she needs as she fights for her life.

As Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 6 daily contender Bimmy talked about being careful in every word that we say towards other people, Vice commented that there are instances when we should tell others what they must know, especially if it’s out of concern, but must be done kindly.

“Sa amin kasing magkakaibigan, sobrang okray namin sa isa’t isa. Parang gano’n ‘yong dynamics namin. Pero kung hindi mo kaya ‘yong gano’ng friends, stay away from them or that person. Pero kung okay sa inyo, e ‘di stick together kung gano’n talaga ang samahan ninyo,” he imparted. He also reminded her that she must know her worth for her to not be affected by the words or noise of the world.

For sure, there were madlang people who were able to relate to the story of Sexy Babe Charlene that came from a broken family. When Vice asked her if she would still invite her estranged siblings to her wedding, she told her that she would since they are a family after all. He admired that mindset of hers, so he gave her a warm embrace and said that she truly deserves the happiness she has at present.

The well-loved host-comedian was also impressed by the smart decision that “Girl On Fire” Slay-dy Jamie did by turning her heartache into something that’s really positive and beneficial to her. Doing so enabled her to learn something new and acquire new talent instead of lurking in the thought of something or someone that did not bring her joy anymore. He also remarked how aerial pole dancing has also helped her regain her self-confidence and belief that she’s beautiful and sexy, as well as reminded her of her worth and who she really is.

Lastly, who would forget that time when beauty queen Nicole Cordoves opened up about the downfall of her love life during an episode of “Showtime Sexy Babe,” to which many madlang people were able to identify with. It happened when the topic of giving second chances was brought up during the hosts’ interview with a contestant. Vice remarked, “So, kung siya hindi naman na lumalaban at ayaw mo nang ipaglaban, bakit ako lalaban kung ako na lang?”

He went on to add that he’s praying for those who were dealing with heartbreak and wishing that everyone is going to receive the love that he deserves. He uttered, “Ang sarap magmahal. Ang sarap din mahalin, pero may mga pagkakataong hindi nagsasabay kaya pinakamasarap sa damdamin ‘yong mahal ka ng mahal mo.”

If you’re looking for a reason to smile today, Vice Ganda and It’s Showtime can definitely not only cheer you up, but might be able to also give you the wise words or words encouragement that you need or have been pining to hear.