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5 things we learned about Gelli De Belen through her Reina ng Tahanan stint

Being a popular celebrity ever since she was a teenager, many of us have already seen the different facets of Gelli de Belen – from being a versatile actress and host to being a loving sister and a proud wife to her husband Ariel Rivera and mom to their two sons.

And she’s able to showcase those and her other sides through her stint as a special guest “choose-gado” or judge of the well-loved “Reina ng Tahanan” segment of It’s Showtime. Let’s look back on some of her hilarious and heartwarming moments on the program in this Kapamilya Toplist video.

She admires her sister Janice’s parenting style

They may both already have their respective families, but this doesn’t hinder her to further solidify her bond with her sister Janice de Belen, who’s one of the regular “choose-gados”. As they sat on the panel together, we’re able to witness how such a sweet and fun-to-be-with sister she is.

When asked how she would rate the parenting style of Janice, she confidently said that she indeed deserves to receive 20 points as she takes on both the role of a mother and a father. She also jested that Janice oftentimes lectures her children. Prior to that, they amused us with their repartee on Janice not being able to comply with the memo of not wearing any red top.

She is proud of her two independent sons who are studying in Canada

Gelli was able to prove that she deserves the 10 point-grade bestowed by Janice for her parenting style as she imparted how her two sons are doing great in Canada. While they’ve grown more independent living and studying there for four years now, she imparted how she couldn’t help but still do the household chores every time she and Ariel visit them.

She is interested in Vice Ganda’s fashion style

Her “Reina ng Tahanan” gig gave the 48-year-old actress-host the opportunity to ask the question she’s been dying to ask Unkabogable Host Vice Ganda – what he wears underneath his oversized shirt. This indeed surprised him since it’s the first time that someone asked him regarding his usual attire on the show during regular episodes.

He laughingly responded by pulling up his shirt to show his denim shorts, joking that he actually just started wearing bottoms when they began airing on A2Z Channel 11.

She is always game to just have fun

With her bubbly personality, we already know how such a fun-loving person Gelli is. In an episode, one of the “Reinanay” contestants grooved to the trending “Pamparampampam” dance challenge for the “Greatest Show-mom” talent portion. This sparked an idea to Vice to ask the three “choose-gados” that day – her, Janice, and Ruffa Gutierrez – to dance to it as well. With how she enthusiastically took on the fun dare, Vice couldn’t help but be amazed.

A few days after, Gelli had the chance to show off a bit of her singing skills when asked by the Unkabogable Host to share their talent. She sang a snippet of the theme song of the original “Pertrang Kabayo” film starred by veteran actor-host Roderick Paulate, which she also used to sing in various shows in the early days.

She fully supports the strong and fierce mothers on ReiNanay

As we saw her gregarious and playful facet, we were also able to witness the touching moments of Gelli on the show. Just like on that episode where a contestant talked about having her husband undergo vasectomy in exchange of accepting him again in her life when they broke up.

 She also couldn’t help but cry while listening to the conversation of a Reinanay with her eldest child regarding the genuineness of the joy she displays in her every TikTok videos.

As a careerwoman, mother, wife, and sister, Gelli De Belen has indeed a lot to share to the madlang people!

Keep on watching It’s Showtime Mondays to Saturdays to catch her on her next appearance on Reina Ng Tahanan!