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Funny Moments Expecially For You Toplist

Ever since “Ex-pecially For You” was launched in December 2023, we have already heard a lot of woeful, horrible, and maybe even delightful break-up stories from ex-couples featured in each episode of It’s Showtime.

While we tend to usually have our hearts get ripped, feel sorry and sad about them, and even get annoyed as the searchers recounted how their relationships used to be beautiful then fell apart, the gregarious hosts always make sure to lighten up the mood through their funny bardagulan moments onstage. And we collated some of those in this Kapamilya Toplist feature.

Let’s begin with that episode wherein a zany and pretty searchee named Avon brought good vibes to everyone with her effortless sense of humor. She indeed got everyone entertained, including Vice Ganda who expressed in jest that she wanted to take her home to be her personal clown.

The Unkabogable Star also poked fun at a searchee named Rakim as he tried to do beatboxing not just once, but thrice while searcher Jules sang the Sitti Navarro hit “Para Sa Akin.” Anne Curtis cheered him up by giving him “A” for effort and saying that it was a good try. Vice did the same to searchee Johnny as she got amused by his quirky facial expression and rendition of the classic OPM love song “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” by Ogie Alcasid.

Jhong Hilario then delivered a kilig pick-up line for Vice Ganda, asking her “Lily ka ba?” and explaining “Kasi ang pagmamahal ko sa’yo hindi Lily-pas,” which Vhong claimed was not his original joke. According to him, the response was supposedly “Bakit Lily-ma na lang ang ‘yan?”, pertaining to her hair, which quite ‘offended’ her. As she called out Karylle for just standing there and letting them make fun of her, the latter instead rubbed salt into the wound by joking that she thought Vhong would say “Lily-bag.”

While Vice was busy interviewing a searchee, she got distracted when she caught her co-hosts Vhong and Jhong laughing as they watched Anne struggling to pick up her cue cards on the floor. She mockingly told her, “Minsan ka na nga lang pumasok, antok na antok ka pa! Kami ‘tong nandito everyday, ang energetic.”

Since the ex-couple in a certain episode were both dancers, the female searcher challenged the searchees to do a dance that demonstrates “masakit ang tiyan pero may tao sa banyo.” Jhong and Vice teamed up to show off their dance sports chops, with Vice amusing us as she gamely took on the dare.

Apart from their innate chemistry, the trio of Vice, Vhong, and Jhong are known for their physical hosting. And we get to witness it several times in the “Ex-pecially For You” segment. One instance was when they recounted the funny yet quite dangerous pranks they did with their respective peers during their younger years. As they went on, physical hosting ensued among the three of them.

The other one was when Vice got piqued by Jhong’s “semi-kalbo”comment on her, which resulted in another round of physical hosting among them. They even got Ogie Alcasid involved, as well as two of the searchees for that day.

As Vice invited them to play cross-fit onstage, Jhong noticed that one of her shoes was untied, so he took the initiative to tie it for her. However, he immediately retracted his good deed as he intentionally bumped her on the back while she was fixing the ribbon of her sock, which made her lose her balance and fall on the floor.

Vice also unexpectedly lost her balance after Jhong playfully pushed her while interviewing trending ex-couple Kyosu and Jaja. Her husband Ion Perez revealed that she actually played eight rounds of volleyball the night before, which made her body a bit weak. She then went on to joke that it was actually the first day of her menstrual period, which made her bestie Anne laugh so hard. But the mirth turned wilder as she attempted to create funny loveteam names for the ex-flames.

From usually being at the sideline along with the other hosts, Lassy went on to introduce himself as a searchee in the special episode of “Ex-pecially For You” featuring Showtime Online U hosts Wize Estabillo and Anna Ramsey, much to the surprise and amusement of everyone.

Noticing that female searcher Ria was chilly during the interview portion, Jhong draped his suit jacket on her, while Vice lent her hand and leg warmers. She then called out Vhong for attempting to pull a prank on her and for not offering his cover-up just to keep his OOTD.

Of course, who would forget that moment when a searchee named Ron called the Unkabogable Star “sir,” much to the shock and amusement of everyone? That made her do an instant outfit check and flaunt her shiny gold skirt, high-heeled boots, peach-fuzz wig, and full-on makeup.

And lastly, we found ourselves laughing out loud when Vice teased Jhong and Vhong by showing their throwback snaps taken from a magazine cover to prove that Jhong was the first one to be handsome than Vhong. But being the palaban that he is, Vhong didn’t let himself be defeated as he also displayed an old picture of the Unkabogable Star during the early years of It’s Showtime.

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