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12 touching, funny moments of Vhong Navarro on It’s Showtime since his return

After around four months of not seeing him on It’s Showtime, not to mention that he also missed the Magpasikat celebration this year, well-loved host Vhong Navarro finally made his emotional comeback last January 16.

He was warmly welcomed by his co-hosts and the madlang people, who truly missed him and had been anticipating his return since late last year. And now, he continues to spread good vibes and happiness to everyone through his comedic skills and hilarious banters. Let’s look back on some of Vhong’s heartwarming and funny moments on the noontime show since his much-awaited comeback in this Kapamilya Toplist feature.

The comedian-host wasn’t able to hold back his tears after being introduced by his co-host Vice Ganda and seeing the excitement and happy tears on the faces of the madlang people and his It’s Showtime family.

Ang sarap ng pagtanggap n’yo sa akin. Hindi ko alam kung paano kayo pasasalamatan, sa mga taong nagdasal, naniwala, at hindi ako iniwan,” he tearfully uttered, then imparted a bit about his life-changing experience during his detention. Aside from giving him a huge, warm group hug, each of his co-hosts also delivered their heartwarming messages and well-wishes for him.

As he poked fun on Vice and Anne Curtis’ ‘tardiness’ the following day, the Unkabogable Star reminded Vhong that it’s actually him who planned the welcome party for him. Vice also made fun of Vhong’s nose as he noticed how he seemed to have gone extra conscious about it. He remarked that there was something different about it.

And it seemed that Vice wasn’t done with him yet as he reenacted what Vhong did the day before when he stepped into the It’s Showtime stage anew. The way he knelt and offered his heart might be heartwarming, but the way Vice recreated it was totally amusing. Vice continued to make fun of it in the following episodes.

Aside from their totally hilarious banters, Vhong and Vice also bring good vibes to the madlang people through their physical hosting, which is now slowly making its comeback too. From Vhong’s simple pushes to Vice, especially everytime he reenacts his iconic kneel, to the latter’s act of hurling stuff at the former due to extreme gigil, their duo indeed never fails to make us laugh.

Since he was absent on the day of Vhong’s comeback, Jhong Hilario only had the chance to give his message to his fellow Streetboys member and co-host. They may be friends for decades now, but he didn’t hesitate to poke fun at Vhong by also recreating his ‘comeback kneel.’ With Jhong’s reappearance, he and Vhong were able to execute their new prank on Vice, which was by pressing his head with their two hands.

It’s absolutely a delight that Vhong is able to get back on his feet and on It’s Showtime. Make him feel your unfaltering love and support for him and the whole fam by not missing an episode of It’s Showtime from Monday to Saturday at noontime, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and TV5.