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12 times It’s Showtime hosts, madlang people were wowed by Vice Ganda’s interesting trivia

In the past decade of being one of the hosts of It’s Showtime, Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda has never disappointed the madlang people with his funny jokes and punchlines that he would effortlessly crack on the show, as well as the hilarious banters that he exchanges with his co-hosts.

However, it’s not always joke time for him because there are instances when he finds a chance to share some trivia or never-before-heard information that are probably unusual to some of us. And in this Kapamilya Toplist episode, let’s take a look back at some of the surprising yet interesting facts that he blurted out on the show.


One contestant from Tawag ng Tanghalan performed her own rendition of the classic OPM novelty song “Butsikik,” which left Vice amazed with how unique her performance is because of the emotions that she put into it despite not knowing the real meaning of the lyrics.

He continued by sharing that it actually originated from “Buchi Cake”, which, according to him, is a famous pastry in Canada and Belgium. The lyrics, on the other hand, actually came from the combined names of the stores in Binondo that composer-singer Yoyoy Villame saw.


Vice also schooled us about the parts of our eyes – from the centermost part, which is the pupil or “balintataw” in Filipino, to its surrounding parts including the iris, sclera, caruncle, and eyelid.

Four types of communication

From Science, the host then taught us an important English lesson – communication. He initially emphasized that communication is very important in every relationship, may it be personal or professional. He also cited the four types of communication, namely verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual. As his co-host Kim Chiu commented that there’s such a thing as “emotional communication” or “pakiramdaman” in Filipino, he explained that it’s actually an example of non-verbal communication. He even demonstrated some examples of it using different body languages.

Defense mechanism

One TNT contestant shared that she’s planning to take a degree in psychology so she could understand depression and anxiety more, which prompted Vice to share that it pertains to the study of mind and behavior.

The Chinita Princess spoke that one’s first teardrop actually says a lot about the reason why you are crying. According to her, if your first teardrop fell from your right eye, it means that you’re happy or joyous. However, if it’s from your left eye, that means you’re sad. Vice said that people apply these defense mechanisms to protect and defend themselves from uncomfortable situations.

Trivia about fish

In one of the TNT episodes, the topic veered to fish when the Unkabogable Star got curious if fishes also drown in water. Thus, he confirmed it to the contestant who is a fisherman. He then shared that there’s actually a fish species called “japayuki” and that galunggong is a type of mackerel.

Origin of “Panama”

As a TNT contender disclosed that she actually wants to work abroad, specifically in Panama. This prompted Vice to shared that the country’s economy largely depends on the Panama Canal and that Panama literally means “abundance of fish.” However, the informative trivia sharing suddenly turned into a comedic story that Vice titled “The Legend of Panama”.

Alloys and metals

After associating TNT contender Yang-Yang’s surname, which is Aloya with the word ‘alloy’, the host explained that alloys are metals that are formed from the combination either a metal and another metal or a metal and an element. He went on to give an example of alloy, which is the combination of gold and silver that results to white gold, and added that tanso is actually copper and not bronze because the latter is just a type of the former. He also clarified that steel in Tagalog is asero, while iron is bakal.

Garden of Eden

In another geography lesson care of Vice, he shared that if he would visit Israel, he would want to go to the Garden of Eden. But he later on corrected that it is actually located in Mesopotamia, known in the present day as Iraq. His co-host Teddy Corpuz added that there are actually two trees in the Garden of Eden - the tree of life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Vice then jested what could’ve happened if Adam and Eve had different nationalities.

Trivia about pharaohs

In another, Vice Ganda shared a history lesson as he discussed a little about pharaohs. According to him, while what we know about pharaohs is that they’re usually males or they are kings, he debunked that notion by saying that there were also females who became pharaohs. There were actually only seven female pharaohs in history and two of them were Cleopatra and Nefertiti – the most beautiful of all.

Andres Bonifacio’s life

One TNT contestant shared that her mother has a soprano singing voice, which the Phenomenal Box-Office Star turned into a joke by uttering that soprano is the highest position in a group or organization. He quipped that he thought Philippine hero Andres Bonifacio was a soprano, but it’s actually “supremo”.

He went on to elucidate that Bonifacio’s choice of weapon wasn’t actually a bolo, but a revolver. Moreover, he added that the only picture of Bonifacio in history was him wearing an Americana suit and that he came from a middle-class family.

Evolvement of education in the PH

Further sharing his knowledge in history, Vice tackled how the education system in the country developed – from pre-colonial times up to the present times. He imparted that even before the Spanish colonizers came to the Philippines, the ancient Filipinos already had their own education system, wherein parents served as their children’s teachers and they thought them vocational skills. Then when the Spaniards came, it was the religious orders who became the Filipinos’ teachers. He also said that the first American teachers were called Thomasites.

Every time Vice Ganda’s on the show, expect that you will not only be entertained, but be informed at the same time regarding anything under the sun. So, watch out for more of his interesting insights about various topics on It’s Showtime, Mondays to Saturdays at noontime on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z!