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12 moving encounters in It’s Showtime’s “Reina ng Tahanan” that warmed our hearts

As we honored the most important women in our lives last Mother’s Day, It’s Showtime capped off the month of May by launching its newest segment – “Reina Ng Tahanan”, a one-of-a-kind pageant that celebrates the beauty, brains, and talent of Filipino moms.

While the madlang people are amused with how the noontime program gives mothers the opportunity to unwind, empower themselves, and inspire viewers through the wisdom and stories they share, the new segment also never fails to also warm our hearts through the relatable lessons and tear-jerking moments they share with their loved ones onstage.

In this feature, let’s look back on the moments that made us cry in “Reina Ng Tahanan”.

Apart from showcasing their talents and wit in responding to the questions, the contestants – called “ReiNanay” – also gives us a glimpse of their private lives through the stories they impart and their answers to the questions asked by their loved ones who are going to join them onstage.

It may not be Valentine’s Day yet, but we feel kilig everytime it’s their husbands or partners who ask them the questions they’ve been dying to ask with regards to their relationship – may that be about their marriage or as simple as their everyday life.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that there’s nothing more touching than seeing the ReiNanays with their beloved broods and listen to their stories. For sure, many people out there are able to relate with the struggles, complicated situations, and misunderstandings they went through, as well as to the complaints and thoughts that the children have been keeping to themselves for a long time.

However, the ReiNanays’ visitors are not only limited to their spouses and children as there are instances when it’s their mothers who ask them questions and share the stage with them. These emotional encounters definitely tell us something about how they become the strong women and nurturing mothers that they are at present.

With the various heart-rending stories they hear in every episode, there are times that the hosts, usually Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro, and the judges, comprised of Amy Perez, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Janice de Belen, find it hard to contain their emotions as they probably either can relate to the contestants and their loved ones or what they’ve shared are truly tear-jerking enough to make them cry.

And if there’s one thing that “Reina ng Tahanan” has taught the madlang people, it’s definitely that mothers should be treated like queens every day!

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