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10 times It’s Showtime family bring the fun outside the studio

Through the years, we’ve witnessed a lot of changes on It’s Showtime – from the roster of hosts, line up of segments, up to the set design. But in the recent months, the gregarious family, led by Unkabogable host Vice Ganda, has come up with a new idea of amusing the madlang people.

Aside from their unfailingly hilarious banters that we continue to enjoy, they have also expanded the studio the way we never imagined it. Find out how they’ve been doing it in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist!

It started in December 2021 during an episode of Tawag ng Tanghalan, wherein hosts Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro, together with “gong-bassador” Ryan Bang sent daily contender Joericis outside the studio and loaded her to a van as Vice uttered inspiring words of wisdom for her about taking a leap of faith and taking risks in order to attain her dreams. The three did the same to their co-host Jugs Jugueta after Vice alleged him of shouting at Vhong during their banter.

The Unkaogable host then had the taste of his own medicine when Vhong, Ryan, and Jugs carried him to the van parked outside the studio, while Ogie Alcasid was the one calling for back-up. Vice wasn’t able to immediately go back to the studio as one of the security guards of ABS-CBN prevented him from going inside of the company premises because he wasn’t wearing face mask. Fortunately, ABS-CBN News reporter Willard Cheng let him inside his car as he went inside and even brought him to the It’s Showtime studio.

As one of the TNT daily contenders during the January 24 episode was also a dancer, Vice and Vhong challenged him by showing his moves to the random that would be played by the DJ. And when the dance popularized by Jojo Alejar was played, the hosts couldn’t help themselves from dancing, with Vice leading their parade going out of the studio.

Upon finding out what happened between his anak-anakan Ryan and TNT hurado Yeng Constantino many years ago when he was still wooing her, Vice reprimanded Ryan for “ghosting” the Pop-rock Royalty and sent him out of the studio. He and co-host Vhong rode on separate vans as well – out of frustration – leaving the hosting gig of Kim Chiu and Karylle.

But that amusing stunt didn’t only happen in TNT as the gregarious host also did it during the “Sexy Babe” segment. As judge Ruffa Gutierrez relayed to the hosts that his “sexy authori-teammate” RK Bagatsing allegedly asked her if her nose is real. As that did not sat well to hosts Ogie, Vice, and Vhong, they locked RK in a comfort room backstage. On that same episode, Ogie was also sent by Vice and Vhong out of the studio and even pushed him under a long table and piled other tables to enclose him. To make sure that he couldn’t come out, they also had Dumbo plank on one of the tables.

In order to calm him down of his exasperation to one of the Sexy Babes contestants, Vhong brought Vice outside. Not contented, the latter even surprisingly climb up the fire escape ladder! Their co-host Ogie did the same the following day after Vice got gigil on him after he mentioned that they use a dishwasher machine at home in cleaning their dishes. The Unkabogable host then ‘forced’ him to climb up the same ladder, with Teddy Corpuz, Vhong, and a few staff helping the former in preventing Ogie from going down.

Indeed, the It’s Showtime family is resourceful and awesome enough to find new ways to provide entertainment and laughter to the madlang people – even that means having to go out of the studio!