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10 moments when hilarious banter turns into wild, funny physical hosting on It’s Showtime

From being mere colleagues, the gregarious hosts of It’s Showtime have eventually found another set of family in one another through time. And from simply making the madlang people happy with their funny banters and pranks on each other, their hosting has gone more “physical” as they tend to jestingly ‘hurt’ one another and get hilariously creative – such as the 10 droll moments included in this feature!

As they tried to guess the identity of one of the tago-kantas who blew their minds with his rendition of “Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin”, Teddy Corpuz said that it could be Vice Ganda and the one they were with was just an impostor. This was when Vhong Navarro commented that they were sitting with Lassy, one of the Unkabogable Star’s closest friends. Apparently not happy with it, Vice attempted to chase Vhong, who was quick enough to run away.

Afterwards, Jhong and Vhong found an opportunity to exact revenge on him by trying to flip the sofa on which Vice was sitting after he called Jhong “apl.de.ape”. He was initially frightened, but later on enjoyed it.

But Vice actually had the chance to get his hand on Vhong as he attacked him when he told celebrity taga-hula JC Santos that he would throw the former’s wig on the ceiling if he chooses the number 1 tago-kanta. That, of course, didn’t sit well to Vice so he pulled him by the ear until he fell off the couch.

That was apparently just one of the gigil moments of It’s Showtime family towards one another. Vhong pinched the Unkabogable Star in his thigh as his way of distracting the latter from hysterically reacting on the performance of a tago-kanta. Vice, on the other hand, wasn’t able to control himself from pulling Ryan Bang’s hair when he failed to utter the buzzer-beater answer of their team in the “Name It To Win It” segment.

Besides, their creativity and resourcefulness in using some of the props on the set to make fun of each other, especially the terrific trio of Vhong, Jhong, and Vice, have been effective in giving us good vibes. And in their mock fights in two separate episodes of Tawag Ng Tangahalan, Vice playfully involved Kim Chiu and Tyang Amy Perez.

Apart from having playfights, they’ve also entertained us with their extreme competitiveness in the dares given to them. After their team lost in one of their games, Vice and his teammates enthusiastically accepted the punishment of drinking mysterious beverages and having to pose for a portrait afterwards to compare it with a throwback photo of them.

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