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Watch your favorite love teams’ confessions, kilig moments on It’s Showtime’s Madlang Pi-Poll

It’s Showtime’s interactive game called Madlang Pi-Poll proved to be a hit, thanks to its clever but totally relatable questions that test the players’ wit and gut, and the hilarious banter among the hosts. Sometimes the segment turned into a little talk show as the gang led by Vice Ganda asked the most intriguing questions to celebrity players. And the most delectable ‘bukingan’ happened when Kapamilya love teams took the plunge and went for the game – and the hot seat.

There was an episode when Vice tried to catch DonBelle or Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano about their real status. “Mag-jowa na ba kayo?” to which Donny replied, “Grabe naman ‘yung mag-jowa agad. Hindi ba pwedeng happy lang kami pareho sa mga ginagawa namin?” Ogie Alcasid dropped the follow-up question in light of the tandem’s mega hit teen series He’s Into Her, “Ganito na lang, who’s into who?” Donny’s response had sincerity written all over it: “Of course, I’m into Belle.” In turn, Belle also answered “Of course, I’m into Donny” because who wouldn’t be?

Vice also had Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo tripping over his question about who initiated their breakup in the past to establish who will most likely have the final say in the game. “Noong naging kayo, siyempre girl ang sumasagot. Pero nung naghiwalay kayo, sino ang nag-desisyon?” he probed. Known for their flair for comedy, JoRox, then promoting their digital series “Hoy Love You,” simply made fun of Vice’s impromptu grilling.

When it comes to giving totally frank answers about their relationship, we know we can always count on Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte. In light of one poll question on letting go, LoiNie bared their honest reasons why they chose each other. When Vice asked, “Kaya ka hindi bumibitaw kasi feeling mo wala nang tulad ni Ronnie?” Loisa replied, “Oo, ang bait niya kasi, eh. Doon ako tumitingin, sa puso. Ang tao, nagbabago pa naman talaga. Pero ang kabutihan ng puso, nandiyan talaga ‘yan at nakita ko ‘yun sa kanya.”

Ronnie also sounded so sure and in love when he said, “Kasi wala na ding tulad niya. Sa dami kong naging karelasyon, siya ‘yung iba sa lahat. Hanggang ngayon hindi ko pinagsisihan ‘yung desisyon na ‘yun.”

Still keeping fans guessing about their real score, Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza, or KarJon to their shippers, were caught off-guard with a fun question about kissing, this time thrown by Vhong Navarro. Related to a poll question on which is more illegal to steal, halik o kaban ng bayan, the two picked halik and justified their answers in light of one topic tackled in their teleserye Viral Scandal which is harassment. Karina explained, “Parang mas violation ‘yung halik lalo na ‘pag walang consent. Walang paalam, nakaw kasi ‘yung salita.” Then Vhong butted in, “Paano kung magpaalam si Aljon?” to which Karina replied, “Baka pwedeng pag-isipan.”

After coming out about their daughter Baby Felize, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson guested in Madlang Pi-Poll' and opened up about their lives as new parents as they answered the poll questions. McLisse made us happy through their anecdotes like when Elisse revealed she got extra clingy throughout her pregnancy, “Parang sa kanya ako naglihi. Lagi ko siyang hinahanap. Gusto ko lagi ko siyang kausap.”    

There’s no shortage of ‘kilig’ when Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes act in movies and series. But sparks fly for real during interviews like what happened in their guesting on It’s Showtime. As the pair argued about a poll question on first love, the hosts prompted Seth to name his first love, then, Seth threw the same question at Andrea. Even if the young artists failed to give a straight answer, the hosts boldly asked them how long they’ve been together. SethDrea tried to serve up their most honest response, saying they’ve been workmates for three years.

But it looked like Vice knew a little secret. The Unkabogable Star hinted at a seemingly special moment that happened during Seth’s birthday celebration in 2019. He counted back and announced, “Ah, two years na kayo.” The questions were so rapid that SethDrea ended up speechless. Does silence mean yes?

Re-watch these Kapamilya love teams play Madlang Pi-Poll on It’s Showtime for your vitamin ‘kilig!’