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WATCH: Tyang Amy Perez dazzles with her trendy TikTok moments

In her over three decades in the local entertainment scene, there’s definitely no doubt that Amy Perez-Castillo is among the most illustrious television and radio personalities in the country.

Throughout her career, she has anchored three radio programs and has hosted several TV shows and has appeared in number of series and movies as an occasional actress. At present, she’s amusing us with her wit and brilliance as one of the reputable presenters of the Kapamilya morning show Umagang Kay Ganda and DZMM Teleradyo program Sakto, as well as one of the gregarious hosts of It’s Showtime.

From her traditional media appearances, it seems that Tyang Amy, as what she’s been fondly called by her colleagues, is further extending her reach not just to people her age but to the younger ones, too. At 50, she’s among the celebrities who consistently update her followers through social media and who entered the world of vlogging after creating her own YouTube account dubbed “Fun Fun Tyang Amy” where she uploads her personal shenanigans on-and-off work. 

And just recently, she enthusiastically announced that she’s already in TikTok! Although she just joined the bandwagon, Tyang Amy is apparently having time of her life in the hottest social media app on the planet based on the her TikTok videos that she has been sharing on Instagram.

She indeed satisfied us with her first-ever TikTok entry as she and made her UKG co-host Jeff Canoy unleash his hidden talent in dancing as they took on the #WeekendChallenge, to which they grooved to SZA and Calvin Harris’ “The Weekend”.

We’re not sure if this was taken before, after, or during a commercial break of the “Piling Lucky” segment, but what we’re certain of is that the It’s Showtime host and her partner Ate Girl Jackque Gonzaga, who was then clad in her sleek gold cat costume for the segment, indeed nailed their short dressing room number.

While waiting for the next gap, she and Chinita Princess Kim Chiu, who was their guest co-host for that day, charmed us with their cuteness in doing their version of the “Learn To Meow” Challenge. Aside from making small head and hand gestures, they completed it by using a filter with glowing neon cat tails, whiskers, ears, and paws!

Granting the request of her followers, Tyang Amy had her beautiful niece and co-host Karylle appear in one of her TikTok entries as they grooved to South Korean rapper ZICO’s “Any Song”. She revealed in the caption that it took them a long time and few practices in order to accomplish it.

She then proved that at 50, she still could keep pace with Gen Zs like Darren Espanto as she tapped him to be his partner in dancing to the trending “Out West” dance challenge.

And there’s definitely nothing that could ever stop the “Pambansang Tita” from doing various TikTok challenges as she recently had Ate Girl Jackque and Sanrio, who were then wearing baro’t saya for an opening number, join her in grooving to Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now”.

With how she amazingly keeps pace with the latest trends and with her younger colleagues, followers, and audiences, the title “Millennial Tita” is absolutely just appropriate for her!