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Vice Ganda shares birthday wishes

There’s definitely no doubt that Vice Ganda is one of the most in-demand and bankable – not to mention one of the busiest – television personalities in the local entertainment scene at present. And this will certainly go on this year as he’s not only going to be occupied by his duties on It’s Showtime, but he is also set to star in a movie again and even release a new song!

He made the official announcement in a recent episode of the noontime show, in which he was joined by award-winning and prolific director Jun Robles Lana in revealing that the title of their upcoming movie is going to be “And The Breadwinner Is…”. This will serve as their first-ever collaboration and the Unkabogable Star’s comeback to the big screen two years after “Partners In Crime” which he starred alongside Ivana Alawi.

In his interview with showbiz reporter MJ Felipe for this episode of “On Cue,” Vice expressed how happy and thrilled he is about this project. “I have never felt this hyped up again sa paggawa ng pelikula. Just the thought of me doing a movie with Direk Jun Lana, ‘yon talaga ang nag-e-energize sa akin. Pride ko siya, honor ko siya. May nadagdag sa mga ipagyayabang ko na, ‘’Oy, nagka-Jun Lana movie ako’. Gano’n,” he stated.

Vice admitted that he was actually hesitant at first that he could do it, that it’s already the right time for it, and that his fans are ready to see him in that kind of movie. But he suddenly had a change of heart and mind due to the huge clamor from his ardent supporters for him to do films again, as well as the encouragement that he gets from the people close to him.

Based on the title itself, it will tackle the life of a breadwinner, to which a lot of people can certainly relate to. He imparted, “No’ng nabuksan ‘yong idea ng breadwinner, ‘yong issue tungkol sa breadwinner, hindi naging mahirap para sa team na buuin ‘yong pelikula, ‘yong istorya kasi lahat naranasan siya. Halos lahat sa team naranasan at nararanasan siya. Kaya ‘yong ginagawang istorya, ‘yong mga eksena, hindi talaga siya ‘yong nilikha ng isip. Talaga siyang nangyari at nangyayari. Pinagsasama-sama namin ‘yong mga karanasan naming lahat – ‘yong mga pinaka matatamis, pinaka nakakatawa, pinaka mapapait, at pinaka nakakaiyak na experience namin sa mga pamilya namin.”

The conversation then veered to It’s Showtime and its continuously skyrocketing ratings, which, according to Vice, is one of the main reasons why he is so energized and “g na g” nowadays. He told MJ, “Nakaka-inspire ‘yong mga pangyayari, nakakadagdag ng drive, nakaka-fresh sa isip, nakakapahinga.”

With all the challenges that the show, the hosts, and ABS-CBN had gone through in the past years, he really finds it so refreshing and rewarding to finally be reaping victories after hitting rock bottom. Those have allowed them to slow down for a bit and recharge in order for them to keep moving.

Besides, he has also been feeling so much love from the madlang people, from ABS-CBN and GMA, and from everyone who attended his fun and unkabogable birthday celebration held last April 13 at a luxurious resort in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija. “Parang ang positibo ng lahat ng nangyayari sa paligid. Kaya ang sarap lumaban, ang sarap magtrabaho, ang sarap gumalaw, ang sarap kumilos, ang sarap mag-isip, and sarap-sarap ng life,” he enthused.

And speaking of his birthday bash, Vice disclosed that he wasn’t able to invite everyone as much as he would like to given the capacity and location of the venue, which only has 40 rooms. Nevertheless, everybody who was there indeed had a wonderful and amazing time as they were able to enjoy and take a rest.

When asked what his most favorite part of it was, the Unkabogable Star said that it was the party after the dinner since he never experienced that kind of celebration before. It might be lavish, but that was really something that he only used to see in the parties that he used to attend and wanted to experience for himself.

He related that both him and spouse Ion Perez weren’t accustomed to that kind of gathering, which he described as a “crazy party,” but he’s glad that they got to experience it together for the first time. So, Vice told him, “Hindi naman na ‘to kailangang maulit e, ‘yong ganitong klase. At least naranasan natin. Ang mauulit na lang, ‘yong mga kasama natin.”

With regard to his birthday wish, Vice told MJ that he simply yearns for “happiness” and “good health,” which he thinks are two of the most important things as people age, so one’s lucky enough if they already possess and feel them.

They then tackled his new song which is expected to be released this year under Star Music. Vice disclosed that he would actually meet with executives Roxy Liquigan, Jonathan Manalo, and Rox Santos after the interview to talk about the release date since he has already recorded it.

He recounted how he came up with the song last Holy Week while he was just at home and scrolling through social media. Out of boredom and amusement at all the malicious remarks of naysayers and bashers against him, those inspired him to compose a song.

“It’s so fulfilling,” Vice retorted when asked how he handles those who are exasperated by him. “Alam mo, it is so satisfying. Kasi wala naman akong magagawa sa kanila. Whatever I do hindi ko sila mapapasaya kasi to begin with, they hate me. They don’t like me, so they will never like to see me succeed, be happy and be okay, and experience the beautiful things in life. Hindi sila magiging masaya.”

Thus, this made him believe that whenever those people are vehemently mad and are doubling their efforts to malign and hurl snide remarks at him, there’s likely something good happening to him. So, he made the much-awaited in order “to honor them.”

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