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Vice Ganda 48th birthday photoshoot

While others are quite shy or hesitant to reveal their real age, It’s Showtime mainstay Vice Ganda proudly tells the world that she’s already “#48AndLeftNoCrumbs” through the ethereal creative shoot that she recently had, which she shared on Instagram to mark her 48th birthday last March 31.

She initially uploaded a reel showing some of the outtakes from her mythical-themed birthday pictorial, wherein she mesmerized us with her deific splendor in the two concepts that she had, which photos were captured by seasoned celebrity photographer BJ Pascual, and were helmed by creative director Vince Uy. She regards it as a “Mothering video tutorial from the unkabogable mother of mothering!”



The Unkabogable Star transported us to a magical wonderland in the two concepts that she had, with her being pretty in pink in the first carousel of pictures that she posted. She appeared like a character in an online game as she cladded herself in a ruffled mini dress, tulle gloves, a headpiece adorned with tulle and dainty flowers, a long pink wig, trendy long socks, hot pink high-heeled shoes, and feathery wings. And this look really matched the futuristic and very Gen Z motif of this concept, which was revealed to be the second layout.



And on April 1, Vice started the month on an “unkabogably mothering” note by posting another set of pictures from the second concept of her birthday photoshoot. Surrounded by props that resembled ice walls and icicles, she absolutely nailed being the “Ice Queen” with how she shined and slayed in this first layout. She was draped in everything platinum – from her fringed long wig, her sleek bodysuit, her oversized puffy jacket, down to her high stiletto boots.

Along with this, Vice published a short video on her official YouTube channel that gave us glimpses of the behind-the-scenes happenings during the photoshoot, from her and her glam team’s preparations to the shoot proper.

Helping her pull off her “Happy BirthSLAAAAAAAAY” looks and mothering game were celebrity stylist Aaron Mangsat, hairstylist Buern Rodriguez, and makeup artist Jelly Eugenio. Of course, she didn’t miss to acknowledge God for the gifts of life and beauty!