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Vice Ganda goes on an adventure trip with friends in Vancouver, Canada

Vice Ganda is currently out of the country and having her concert tour in Canada. She went on a nature trip together with her friends in Vancouver, as seen in the latest vlog uploaded in her YouTube channel.

She and her 10 other friends had a tiring yet fun adventure in one of the most popular tourist attractions there, which is the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. It cost them a total of $761.75, or around Php30,000 and it was the Unkabogable Star who paid for all of them.

With how cold the breeze and how it was surrounded with lines of trees, she kept on comparing it with our very own Baguio City. As they spotted a number of totem poles or monumental carvings that depict human, animal, and supernatural forms during their stroll, she and her hairstylist Buern Rodriguez attempted to mimic one of the statues – and nailed it – much to the delight of their companions.

They then proceeded on crossing through the suspension bridge, which initially frightened Vice since it was wobbly. But they’re able to make it, and went on to have their cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows at the café located on the other end of the bridge. She also received a video call from her beloved husband Ion Perez, who obviously just woke up.

The group then moved on to the Treetops Adventure. As she walked through the bridges and pathways, she amused us with her wittiness a she uttered a love hugot that she related with the exhaustion that she felt as she marveled at the beauty of nature. They also bumped into a Filipino family at the Nature’s Edge Boardwalk and even let them to take pictures with her.

As they went back to the suspension bridge going to the exit, she stopped in the middle and waved at the canopy of trees. She conveyed, “Kailangan kumaway ka sa nature. You have to be friends with nature because they’ve been very kind to us. So, we need to be kind to them as well.” She also poked fun at her companions by shaking the bridge as they crossed together.

It might have cost her a lot of money and made them walk for hours, but it was all worth it since it allowed her to breathe fresh air.

Enjoy your trip and concert tour, Meme!