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Vice HK trip with its showtime fam

In the last part of October, the It’s Showtime family’s fun vacation in Hong Kong together made headlines as they shared glimpses of it by uploading a bunch of photos and videos on social media for the madlang people to see.

And in the latest vlog uploaded on her YouTube channel, Unkabogable Host Vice Ganda took us back to that short yet enjoyable trip by showing more snippets of their shenanigans.

The vlog commenced with Vice and her spouse Ion Perez waiting for their companions at the Hong Kong airport. As soon as Vhong Navarro, Ogie Alcasid, and Jackie Gonzaga arrived, they went straight to their hotel in separate cars. On their way to the hotel, Vice quipped that they were there for their “vacation-suspension” and revealed that they actually didn’t have specific plans for their trip, yet pronounced that they would certainly “have some good time” there.

Their group was welcomed by Teddy Corpuz and his wife Jasmin, who came there first. For their lunch, they headed to a nearby restaurant where they met with the other hosts and their “plus-ones”. Ryan Bang arrived with his rumored girlfriend Paola Huyong, Karylle with her husband Yael Yuzon, while Anne came solo.

Since it was their first lunch in Hong Kong, Vice came up with the exciting idea of having everyone bring out their credit cards and let the server pick which they would use to pay the bill. But prior to that, she asked each of her co-hosts their estimations on the total amount of everything they ate, and whoever had the closest guess to the official amount would be exempted. In the end, it was Paola who got excused from the game as her estimate of HKD 3,400 was the closest to the total bill which amounted to HKD 3,441 (or Php 24,000), that Ion had to pay after the server picked his credit card.

The group then went on to roam around the bustling streets of Hong Kong and headed to Victoria Dockside, where they enthusiastically took tons of pictures and reels, which made it to Instagram. They also willingly took photos with our kababayans who spotted them while also having their stroll. And just in case you’re one of those who were wondering why Ogie, Vhong, and Ion were missing in some of their group shots taken there, Vice disclosed that they chose to stay at the hotel to have a few drinks.

That night, all of them went to the club together where they danced and sang along to some of the trending dance hits through the years. Vhong was also seen making his impressions of the “Batang Cute-pos” Imogen Cantong, Argus Aspiras, Princess Kathryn “Kulot” Caponpon, and Jaze Capili.

Since they totally enjoyed their eksaheradang walwalan, Vice and Ion got late to their lunch the following day, with Kim Chiu finally able to join them. They reminisced about the fun night that they had and once again took a lot of snaps and videos together as they continued roaming around the busy streets of Hong Kong. Since Vice paid for their lunch, Karylle decided to treat them with ice cream from an ice cream truck they spotted along the way.

The  It’s Showtime fam seemingly agreed to go on separate ways that evening, with Vice and Ion going around Mong Kok where they went shopping and feasted on delicious street foods.

They reunited for dinner for their last night in Hong Kong, wherein they teased Jackie for having a huge suitcase in tow, in which she put everything that she bought during her shopping. Their kulitan continued as they went back to their hotel.

As Anne and Kim both left Hong Kong earlier, the group of Vhong, Ogie, Karylle, Yael, Teddy, Jasmin, and Jackie all flew back to the Philippines together. Vice and Ion, on the other hand, headed to Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate their anniversary “with the elephants.” Meanwhile, she related that her anak-anakan Ryan and rumored girlfriend Paola decided to extend their stay.

Not all of them might be able to join, as Jhong Hilario, Jugs Jugueta, Amy Perez, Cianne Dominguez, MC Laquian, and Lassy Marquez were absent, but the It’s Showtime fam still had fun every minute of their Hong Kong trip, nonetheless.

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