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Vice 48th birthday celebration Zambales

It was such a fun island escapade! 

Vice Ganda just made the Aries season even livelier with her festive birthday celebration in Zambales. We’re lucky to catch a glimpse of her latest island adventure with her family through her vlog. 

Vice regarded the vacation as her much-needed "break" with her family by her side, yet that didn't hinder her from entertaining and sharing her humor; she certainly had everyone roaring with laughter with her hilarious jokes throughout the two-day getaway.

The Unkabogable Star started the fun by test-driving the boat that took them to their beach destination – enjoying herself despite the wind tousling her cherished hair. “My hair and the wind, they’re not on good terms. They can never be friends,” she joked. LOL. 

Vice’s partner and “It’s Showtime” co-host Ion Perez indulged in various water sports such as jet skiing and hydrofoil (a water activity that makes you feel and look like you’re flying above the water). 

The whole fambam enjoyed a night swim, but unfortunately, Ion felt a stinging and itchy sensation on his skin, as if he had been stung by a jellyfish. They promptly administered first aid and soothed the irritated area, so the fun continued for the rest of the evening. Vice uncovered her new character – Dyesebeks. 

Day 2 was extra jampacked with activities; they went island-hopping, indulged in a sumptuous boodle fight lunch, and went on a thrilling (or “exhausting” as Vice puts it) 4x4 adventure that led them to the most breathtaking mountain view in the area just in time for sunset.  

The party extended into the night as they tried more water sports, and Vice entertained her family with a game called “Pera o Harina,” where they had to choose between two pillows, one had powder and the other one had money on top. 

Her loved ones then surprised her with a cake, delicious food, and a shower of confetti as she entered the room. 

Happy “pak na pak” birthday, Vice!