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Vice and Ion’s “eleFUNkabogable” anniversary celebration with elephants in Thailand

In her previous vlog, Vice Ganda gave us a glimpse of the It’s Showtime family’s fun trip in Hong Kong, which made headlines in the latter part of October. And in the latest video uploaded on her YouTube channel, she took us to her and spouse Ion Perez’s anniversary celebration in Pattaya, Thailand, wherein they had close encounters with elephants being taken care of in a sanctuary. 

The Unkabogable Star disclosed that it was actually Ion who really wanted to go to Thailand, while she wanted Hong Kong. Ion revealed that aside from vacation, he also has a business meeting there.

Aside from simply giving us a peek of their trip at the “Elephant Jungle," which is “an eco-tourism project based in Thailand, where they promote sustainable and ethical way of treating elephants," the vlog is quite educational as Vice shares a few trivia about elephants, or “chang” in the Thai language.

They shared that the elephants cannot be touched neither on the ears nor the eyes, and they’re also advised not to stand beside nor behind the elephants, since their peripheral view cannot reach those spots. She then relayed how elephants, especially the white ones, are considered a national symbol in the country, as it serves as a status symbol among monarchs. Furthermore, elephants were also used during Thailand’s massive battle against Burma (now Myanmar) in the 18th century. Thus, it has become the representation of “strength, loyalty, and longevity”.

The couple also fed and hugged an elephant named Ninja, who is of the same age as hers, then continued to roam around the sanctuary to meet and embrace the other gentle giants. They also had the chance to bond with the elephants by giving them mud baths, which they truly enjoyed. 

After rinsing themselves, they had their sumptuous lunch with their friends, in which Vice related how delighted she is that they already have the chance to see and experience some of the tourist spots of the recent international destinations they went to. But what makes every trip memorable is she gets to spend those with him.

“Nakakatuwa ngayon kasi kapag nag-aabroad kami, nagto-tour na talaga kami. Pumupunta kami sa mga tourist spots tulad ng mga ganito. Hindi tulad dati na kapag nag-a-abroad, kasi since limited time, ‘yong shopping ka lang at iikot, tapos uwi na. At least ngayon, may time na rin ako. Nakakatuwa. Nakakatanggalstress din na may ginagawa tayong bago, may nae-experience tayo,” she imparted.

For their next adventure, the unkabogable couple wishes to go to Iceland to personally witness the atmospheric phenomenon called aurora borealis, or also known as the “Northern Lights”.